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    So, I have a Pre, and although things do run kinda crummy every now and then... the phone is still an amazing marvel of technology. Its absolutely amazing.

    It kinda irks me when people bash the hell out of their Pre's, or get like 7 replacements because "ohhhh no! The inside of the battery cover is smudged!"

    These are the kind of technological hypochondriacs that hear in the news that there are some Pre's that are defective and then automatically make up excuses of why their phone is broken. Its a mental sickness. 7 Pre's? common....lay off the crazy pills please.

    I just watched this video and it really hit home about those kinds of people.

    Its so true...all of the people on this board who think that a 'defective' Pre is one where there is one tiny dead pixel on their screen would honestly complain about Time Travel if it came out.

    Anyone who returns 7 Pre's needs to be forced to live on a Mennonite farm for a month, and then they can decide if they want to keep their Pre or not.

    And dont tell me that because you paid so much for the phone you have a right to complain. First off im sure you bought it on Verizon for dirt cheap, and secondly I am sure that you hacked and patched the **** out of the phone, and thirdly even if you did buy the phone for full price a single dead pixel or a slider that is the tiniest bit wobbly is not an excuse to return a phone.

    If you really want a product that is perfect in terms of build quality, buy a dumbphone...they have been around for a while and the technology is tested out.

    Dont buy cutting edge tech and expect it to work beautifully.
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    Unfortunately, this is just how the internet is. There will always be complainers, trolls, and fanatics.
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    sooooo let me try to understand this.. you made a post to complain about complainers?
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    you are wrong about suggesting a dumb phone. The hing on flip phones will eventually become flimsy and cause multiple rounds of replacements with equally flimsy refurbs...

    just sayin'
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    I really like my Pre. However, I have 35 patches and have overclocked to get it to have the functionality that it should have out of the box. This would keep some people from keeping it, as many would not even know these options exist.

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