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    I'm thinking about changing my ISP to something more line based (I use a Sprint 3G modem at home now, and I need more speed), and the two main choices are the local cable company (Cox) and AT&T U-verse. Cox is pretty bad in my community - it's got a local monopoly - so I'm not seriously considering them.

    DSL is ok but I really need more speed than that (at least one of my kids will be doing on-line classes, video streaming).

    Anybody using U-verse out there? What do you think of the service? I would get the telephone and internet services (unlimited VoIP, and the 12 Mbps download service) and pay about the same as I do today for a landline and the 3G modem.

    Thanks for any experiences you can offer ...
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    I only know if one person that has it. They love it. I'm too cheap to buy tv service, so they won't sell me naked internet. However, I think once you buy the package you can always cancel the tv/phone and they might not shut off the internet svc.
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    go for uverse, it also includes basic troubleshooting for ATT's connectech services, help setting up networking and filesharing ect. A bonus is the multiroom DVR and speed, its quite fast. The instal takes a bit of time, but once complete its so worth it.
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    My family has U-verse at home. My dad works for AT&T so he gets a discount, though, so I can't comment on pricing. But the service works great, as far as digital cable and internet goes. It's much better than the digital cable we had through our city's cable company, and has great DVR options and some other nice features. We have the have connected with wifi through U-verse as well, and we've connected numerous devices to the network without any hiccups.

    Like mrloserpunk said, the installation took a few hours more than I expected, but it's a great service. They've got a great selection of HD channels as well, which is nice.
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    I use UVerse I love it, except for the fact that I can't get sunday ticket on their programing.
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    I miss u-verse so much. It was such a wonderful service compared with Charter, but I moved from Michigan to Ohio, and they don't serve this area.
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    I'm running U-verse now. Great speed (got the 12Mbps and average 11-11.5 for download speed) and the phone line is fine. I tried one YouTube video and it just appeared! I'll get spoiled by this.

    The only thing is the gateway by 2Wire is pretty cheap. I have a Brother printer with wireless adapter, and you should be able to do a "one-push" method to set it up (via Secure Easy Setup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or AOSS) but AT&T's chosen gateway supports NONE of those. It was a much more convoluted process to activate the printer on the network (as in it took me 2.5 hours to figure it out).

    Thanks for the comments - they sealed my decision to go with U-verse over the lousy cable company I have in my area. You have to admire and love the collective knowledge of this group on PreCentral!

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