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    customer service just ain't my thing, but it's what I'm paid to do...

    I keep a smile on my face by imagining commiting and tossing antisocial things at customers. need help with that out to your car? Have a nice day! here's a complementry bag of shutthehellup.

    I work at canadian tire, bTW.

    Also, I'm obsessed with owning a shiny '88/89 mustang by the end of summer, so i stick around....

    I have a webcomic. You should read it, or I may do something rash. <b><a href=>Drive-by Loitering</a></b> is updated every monday, wednesday and friday.

    <!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks."><img src= ><!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks.">
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    Wasn't that a scene in 'Clerks'?

    If you enjoyed that, you'd probably like the website ''. Personally, I think this website is a tribute to stupid companies that have not hired or trained good employees, but some of the stuff is pretty funny.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Originally posted by Madkins007
    Wasn't that a scene in 'Clerks'?
    OOOH!! Navy Seals!

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