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    I dont know what kind of site you guys think you are running, but i assure you its not so secret and secure that i need you to school me on password strength. For the last 15 years i have never been forced to change my standard password for bull**** little sites like this. Get off your high horse and accept nominal strength passwords, there is no need for forced special characters, forced numerical, high character count and case-sensitivity on a glorified forum site.
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    Was it really that hard to come up with a password?
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    Nice first post!
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    are you foreal your rant is over password strength .. If you don't like it don't join instead of actn like a child bashing our forum
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    Know what I will 100% agree with this, I have a standard password that I use for most sites like this so I don't need to remember 30 different ones. The entire you need at least one number and a freaking symbol! None of my passwords have ever used symbols.

    Does it make it safer when I now keep a sticky note next to my monitor to remind me that my precentral password is an oddity?
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    Is this something new? I don't remember having to muck up a super-strong password when i joined a couple months ago...
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    If it now requires a special character, that is a change. I see that it recommends punctuation symbols in order to get above medium strength, but it does not state that it is required. I don't feel like changing my password right now in order to test it.
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    It was included in a vBulletin software upgrade a few updates ago.

    It is totally up to the site owner what they want to do. You don't like it? Leave. Your whining is immature.

    I'll match your 15 years and add another 20 years.
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    What? You want to Join S. Palin in being hacked? oH WAIT NO PERSONAL info is given here anyway...
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    Please understand that when the site asks you for a secure password, it's about protecting any personal information you might have added, but just as importantly, it's about protecting the site itself. So it's not just about you. The site owners are trying to do everything they can to protect thier own assets. They have money invested here.
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    Whaaaaaaaaa! I had to think up a password! Geez!

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