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    I always thought that it was rather suspicious that so many important people were on the same plane, though I'm still not convinced of a conspiracy.

    I can completely understand Russian Military or Police chasing people off of a crash site, but shooting at them? Not only that, reports are coming in that the person who shot this footage was stabbed to death. Hmmm? Apparantly the Russian Government is calling this a coincidence.

    Here is the digitally enhanced video taken by Mr. Adrij Mendiere days before his stabbing.
    Digital Enhancement Of Polish President Plane Crash Site Footage Reveals Mysterious Activity, Gunshots
    In the video they appear to see a survivor, but I can't see it.

    Here's a report, but I cannot speak nor read Polish. It apparantly announces the death of the videographer.
    "Re: Autor filmu "Smoleńsk strzały po katastrofie" - Fakty w INTERIA.PL ~paulo 2010-04-20 00:14 (tryb: poszerzony/według wątków)

    Here's a quote from this article along with 2 additional looks at his video including a "focus" on a survivor (which I absolutely can't see).
    Russian Cover Up? Polish Crash Videographer Assassinated!

    Mr. Adrij Mendiere, was stabbed and taken to a hospital in Kiev on April 15th. Upon his arrival to the hospital he was still alive and placed on life support. The following day, however, it is reported that three individuals entered his room, removed the life support and Mr. Mendiere died.

    The Russian government has reportedly responded to the question of Mr. Mendiere’s death by calling it a coincidence.
    In this video news report, a reporter has yet additional theories including the black boxes allegedly report that the plane came in for just 1 landing not 4, the bodies of the victims (or most) have been taken to Moscow, the Polish President never ordered the pilot to land, the pilot was in fact proficient in Russian, and some additional theories. The biggest conspiracy theory comes in the last 3 minutes of the video.

    Looking at the crash, it seems possible but not likely that anyone survived the crash, but it's been stated by witnesses that there was indeed gunshots being fired shortly after the crash. To me they could just be the fires as well as parts of the plane "popping" or trees burning. I'm not sold just yet.

    Anyway, there are many working conspiracy theories about the crash.
    1) Poland was getting ready to deploy a "missle shied" backed by the US, what better way for the Russians to take out the top guys in the Polish Government to send a message??

    2) The Polish Government was getting ready to devalue the zloty and that the "Banksters" wanted them not to.

    3) The Polish Government refusing to enter the so called "NWO".

    I've seen several more theories, but none worthy... These are sketchy enough
    Here are some other interesting tidbits

    (1): President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia has stated on a CNN interview that quote 'something incredibly evil was involved here' without elaborating or explaining what he was implying. The interview can be seen at this link:

    (2): A close examination of the precise terrain WEST of the Smolensk-Severnyi military airport reveals that for an extended area, the terrain is DISTINCTLY LOWER than the airport itself, which is situated on a sort of plateau. The area to the WEST of the military airport is between 100 and 150 feet BELOW the plateau. In THAT case, the plane COULD NOT HAVE SCRAPED THE TOPS OF TREES, unless the trees were about 400 feet high.

    (3): The investigation is being carried out under the supervision of Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a senior GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) Officer. Since any preplanned sabotage would precisely have been organised by the GRU, the investigation has of course been placed in the hands of the perpetrators, which is standard practice in these cover-up operations, in both the covert Soviet Union and the United States: in case you didn't know.

    (4): An article in The Guardian cites a Polish MP who attended the memorial gathering in the Katyn forests, having travelled there by train, who claims that at the time of the alleged 'accident', which occurred just before 11:00 a.m., there were blue skies* over Katyn, which is located about ten miles from the crash site. The Polish MP's remark is found at the end of the article: here's the link:
    'They were wiped out. It's our Katyn trauma all over again' | World news | The Guardian
    I tend not to believe #4, because the video taken by Adrij Mendiere clearly shows fog present at the crash site.

    Lots of other interesting info in that article though.

    Although I'm not sold just yet that this was murder, I am inclined to remain suspicious because of some of the events surrounding this. I will however reserve judgment pending actual evidence. I also realize that most of you could care less about this incident, but if you are in anyway familiar with foreign policy, you would undertand this was very tragic incident with it's heavy political ramifications. Lech Kaczyński was a political ally of the US, and I certainly hope that this was just a tragic accident.

    Anyway, watch the vids and judge for yourself.
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