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    Who else thinks this lovely site needs a cleaner feel, and the forums updated to a more... modern age? Not to say the current design is bad, it is nice, but I feel like it is a little stale. With the HP buyout, this seems like the perfect time for a redesign. Who's with me?
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    I think its fine for the desktop, but think it can be improved for the pre screen. But I guess like goolge showed us with chrome, there is always a way to make it look cleaner.
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    I vote for a really clean slick mobile verson of the site.
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    my real wish is for the Precentral app (=never) we've been waiting for. Many of us have been begging for it since july, since I do most of my precentral surfing on my Pre, & it would be nice if I had an app that made that a little more enjoyable. But I think monkeys will make it to the moon before I get my wish.
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    I'm disapointed that we don't have one. Have you seen tipb's mobile site? It's much more advanced and half as active as ours. I'm gonna try t learn some codes, I can design stuff just don't know code. Maybe if I an learn a thing or two...

    anyway I think both sites should be updated. Given fresh looks and use some more relivant colors like orange and black, blue and black or white all three combined would be best. Give it a very elegant soothing yet sexy look. I like palms official site design. Simple yet elegant.

    our mobile site needs a major overhall. It looks like a mobile site of 4 years ago.
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    Desktop is fine - mobile needs an update
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    Yes yes yes yes yes!
    ... And it would also be nice if we had buttons like this on the mobile side:

    [Reply] [Thanks] [!!] [Slap]

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