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    I go on twitter to brainstorm when i see a trending topic that makes me think for a few minutes about stuff that perhaps other people are talking about because I like to think. But when you follow me only to say "follow Me" back that is ridiculous. If I wanted to follow you then i would have followed you myself, not just because you followed me. maybe i'm like kip drordy on twitter because i don't give 2 flying f*c*s if anybody is "following" me or not. I don't follow anybody but GOD! And beside the only people who really follow me in real life are robbers and psychopaths. You think your cool? you think your jesus or something because you got 300 followers? you aint jesus and most of ya'll can't even spell. This is getting to be like myspace was back in the days when people thought they were cool because they had 300 cyber friends when all they did was sit in front of the computer eating cheetos. If you aren't going out and you have no job and you live at home with your parents you can have 10,000 followers but to me your a loser. Get a real life and a job and a place of your own and then you wont need "followers" to feel like you've accomplished something in your life, for real.
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    double1- please follow me on twitter
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    is Conan Obrien the OP but under an assumed name?
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    Twitter and Facebook will be known in future history to have been the cause of the total demise of human society.

    I personally cant stand either, and really do NOT want to know what time you had a bowel movement, or any other such totally useless drivel.

    and OP, not that Im trying to put you down, I dont really know you, and Im sure you are a decent person, but the fact that you feel so put upon or even care about who follows or doesnt follow, or asks you to follow, or doesnt, just to "me" proves my point.

    Butttttttttt thats just MY opinion..
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    Marketers and spammers especially ask users to follow them because on Twitter, one can only send direct messages to one's followers. They also follow as many people as they can in hopes the people will autofollow or otherwise follow back, allowing DMs. {Jonathan}
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    If you're going to rip on other people's spelling, you should learn the difference between "your" and "you're".
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    I just checked and you still aren't following me. Please follow me on twitter.

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