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    These news are for front page

    HP to kill W7 slate determined to make a go of the Palm WebOS.

    Hewlett-Packard To Kill Windows 7 Tablet Project
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    I don't think the writer knows what the hell he's talking about, don't get me wrong I want a tablet running webOS, but the info is hardly credible and hp has to much todo with MS.
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    For desktops, laptops and netbooks ,yes they have much to do with MS, but this is a new field for HP in slates. IMHO they donīt want to fail on it.

    And I want a slate on webos, as well.
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    i heard from my younger bro who has been selling HP laptops etc some of their machines feature a 'quick' boot of ubuntu linux in custom form for basic email etc and for power savings on the netbooks... i could see webOS being used for this in the future, AS WELL as on a tablet format... - The iPad has none of the nice-ities of OSX.5 etc... its basically a big iTouch/Phone... so why not make a tablet that runs strictly webOS as an e-reader, web device, and general use device?
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    I see both HP Palm webos slate and Pre Plus or Pre 2 interacting/comunicating each other for different services the users needs as syncing all information between them, wi fi hotspot, remote controlling DJ music etc

    Also I see the Pixi been upgraded to 16GB with better proccessor keeping the pysical keyboard and the Pre2 4G upgraded to 32GB with just bigger screen display and using just virtual keyboard.

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