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    Ever think about Pen testing? (Penatration Testing) in the Computer Field.. that encompasses everything from data recovery to full blown trying to hack systems? obviously with companies permission. That with law enforcement could make you a better hire.. as most law enforcement that i know now are on hiring freezes... and LONG wait lines..
    Is that a 4 year degree? Because I have 1 semester left - sounds interesting though!
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    Started college going for a degree in Accounting (considered going into Law for a long time before that). After a bit, I decided that I'd gouge my eyes out if I stayed in it as a career. Had to decide whether I was going to go into Psychology, Electrical Engineering, or some other Business degree. I'd have lost too many credits going into EE (and run out of my scholarship time too soon), and the Business discipline I chose allowed me enough electives to occupy the Psychology/Sociology interests I have. Wound up doing database programming for my last few semesters for my cash on the side. That led me into the public sector doing GIS work. Started in a MURP (Masters of Urban and Regional Planning) program for a bit until I had an offer doing network work. All in all... about 6 or 7 years of 'higher education'. I've always considered my 30+ years in the School of Hard Knocks just as important, though.
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    Part time graduate student doing Masters in Business Administration and M.S. Systems Engineering. Working full time at a defense contractor.
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    Studying for an MBA with a Marketing focus at present. Finished up a long overdue BS of Info Technology in the Spring of '09.
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    Currently doing a 4 year maths course in Imperial college London. In my summer breaks I hope to be doing some computer coding and some banking insternships.
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    BS - Business Admin
    BS - Accounting
    MBA - Public Mgmt

    Working on second masters in Accounting and Financial Management and sitting for CPA exams.

    Thinking about law school next...but I think I am about burnt out on school.
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    Freshman at ohiou, still undecided but I think I'm pretty set on marketing. It's cool to see so many people here doing what I would love to do, computer science type stuff, but I've personally got no interest in the 4 years of calc and all the friday classes it requires.

    I've been entertaining the idea lately of becoming a patent lawyer. I know nothing about law but I feel like is a very good field of law to study in right now, and it relates to my interests. I love reading every week about who is suing who in the tech world.
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    Graduating in a little more than a week from James Madision Univ. with a BBA in Computer Information Systems.
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    Long time ago (1989) graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering, emphasis in power systems design and control theory. I work in the power generation field specifically in automation systems. I specialize in large scale EPC automation and control projects for fossil powered generating stations throughout the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyler3_o View Post
    I'll be a college student next year I'm heading into Computer Engineering
    Hey same here, Going to WIT in Boston.
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    I'm about to graduate this May with 2 degrees, one in Geology and one in Arts & Technology (3D photo-realistic modeling) from The University of Texas at Dallas and I'll be starting my graduate work in Sept. as a Research Assistant.. I'm looking forward to getting down and dirty with some research into 3D Geoscience visualizations!
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    anyone on this board graduate from law school and currently practicing?
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    university of pittsburgh, junior in 2 days, and double majoring in biology and philosophy
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    BS in sports medicine
    MA in education
    PhD in public health (in 3 more weeks)

    Looking for a college teaching job here in Dallas........anyone?
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