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    I was inspired to start this thread after seeing the Obama birth cert. thread.

    Just always thought that horoscopes weren't entirely accurate, until I understood that there's more to horoscopes than just your sun sign, which everybody knows about and is displayed in newspapers and magazines all over. The next most important sign is your moon sign!! There's others, but they don't really tell me much. If you get the combination sun & moon sign, you're in for a ridiculously accurate horoscope.

    Here's some examples...

    Quote Originally Posted by Barack Obama
    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs suggests that you are a person possessed with both action and ideas. This combination blends the vitality, personal warmth, generosity, authoritativeness of Leo, with the intelligence, cleverness, flexibility and adaptability of Gemini. Your personality is perpetually searching for ways to impress others via these action or achievements, and, especially by matters of the mind, or your ideas. Your mind is facile and intuitive, rather than profound or over serious. Your ability to make good impressions on people serves you well in your public life and in dealing with those within your sphere of influence. Your ideas, while not based on deep philosophy, are usually plausible, and always delivered with a manner of expression that is persuasive. You like to work with your mind, and you're rarely found working very hard for a living. You believe in easy money and seem to know how to get it without exerting great amounts of physical energy. Mentally, you would never be called lazy. At times you can become so mentally active that you would turn into a bundle of nerves. You never really stop trying to impress others with what you know, and you are a very interesting conversationalist. You are also very social and love to entertain, especially when your guests are interesting people who stimulate you mentally. Your glib analysis and sharp observations make you a favorite with such groups.
    Quote Originally Posted by George W. Bush
    The combination of your Cancer Sun and Libra Moon creates a curious blending of independence and dependence, an entwined network of contradictions. The Cancer side of you wants to withdraw and become emotional; the Libra reaches and can remain detached and analytical. There is a constant pull between sheer objectivity and intense emotionalism. You want, and in fact need, companionship. Nonetheless, it's hard for you to give much of yourself, being sensitive and a trifle introverted. You do seem to absorb other people with a charm that makes them readily respond to you. Socially, you are always a winner, but more so in a large gathering than in twosomes or small groups. In many ways, you are a romantic. You like to have people around you, and you like to receive your fair share of attention and notice for what you do. Yet you may have some difficulty responding in kind. There is a strong self-protective mechanism between you and others, and you seem to keep everyone at arms length with a certain suspicion and analytical cleverness. You have an innate ability to see all the strengths and flaws in those around you, and unless you find few or no weaknesses in a person, it will be very difficult for them to penetrate the barrier and get very close to you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Noam Chomsky
    The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a purveyor of harmony and peace. Blended are the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of manner of Sagittarius, and the tact, personal charm and friendliness of Libra. Both signs are independent, but in neither is the tendency toward perseverance very strong. Shortcomings in this regard are well compensated by the fact that you have a great deal of confidence in yourself and which you can effectively reflect in your dealings with others, and a very good understanding of people in general. Good will, a cheerful nature, and a sincere concern for friends and family are at the core of this combination. You excel at avoiding an argument, and when one does break out you take on the role of the mediator. You may even sacrifice winning your point to maintain the peace. You aren't so open-minded that your brains fall out, but you are one of the most tolerant people you know. Much more intellectual than emotional, little seems to get under your skin and you slip through life pretty much a free spirit. While you have a strong sense of pride and won't tolerate anything that degrades or people that try to make you feel inferior, you are not overly ambitious. Regardless of what you achieve in life, you will probably feel content. This is not to say that you stand still. In fact, you are probably in perpetual motion, but the motion is not headed in any special direction most of the time. Success can come in business simply because you have such sound reasoning abilities, accurate perceptions, strong powers of comparison and balanced judgment. You know how to eliminate extremes and excesses. Social life and friends are extremely important to you, both in a personal sense and because success and advancement are tied up somewhat with friends and contacts. The impression you can make is your most important asset.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Manson
    The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows honor, integrity and authority as very important to you. You are not concerned with your popularity as long as you are true to your high principles and honesty with yourself. This combination blends the emotional force, determination, and will power of Scorpio, with the ambition, shrewdness, realism, and practicability of Capricorn. You have a prudent attitude of mind that features patience, perseverance, endurance and determination. Business strategy and the details of management organization come naturally to you. A natural sense of caution and reticence marks your professional personality, and you use tact and calculating shrewdness in handling other people and in achieving your long-range goals. Ambition is very strong in your nature, as is the urge for recognition and high office. Steadfast in your opinions, you are slow to change, and you uphold tested and established procedures. Control, management and organization are your strengths. Your reputation for sound, trustworthy handling of affairs is rarely equaled. You have considerable powers of self-control or deep inward firmness of nature. Yet, circumstances can alter your control and ability to mask your feelings, perhaps stimulating impulsive and aggressive action when you feel the need to force issues. You have a keen understanding of psychology, particularly in matters of group action, control, management and decision. You feel things deeply but manage to exercise personal control, and your feelings and emotions help serve personal interests and ambitions.
    Pretty neato if you ask me. No matter whether I look up a famous person, or people that I've known my entire life... they're always spot on.

    My ex-girlfriends and myself are the most shocking for me because they're more than spot on; they're exactly who we are. I'm at the point where it's more than just coincidence how accurate these are... or just vague wording that can be applicable to anyone. Perhaps they can be applicable to anyone... but the ones that highlight certain features just so happen to be the features that identify the person.

    If someone doesn't believe that I can pinpoint them to a T... post here [or PM me] your birth day (including time of day) and place. I guarantee you that you'll be amazed.
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    February 7th 1987 lakewood hospital california 9am I want to see this stuff.
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    There vague,, I read a book for the first time the other day. I read it, and was like: WOW, thats me. Then i start reading the rest, and about half of them where like : WOW thats me.

    It won't be the case for everyone, but that's how they do it. Millions of people see it not apply to them, and call it for what it is: Bull****. Then for some it randomly turns out to be right, so they believe in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric1987 View Post
    February 7th 1987 lakewood hospital california 9am I want to see this stuff.
    Your Sun and Moon combined produces, quite surprisingly, a romantic personality. Idealism is strong, mixed with some critical tendencies. A romantic, but definitely living more by your mind that by your senses. You dramatize life and yourself, often expanding and enhancing the facts of a matter, idealizing love affairs and life in general. You rarely exclude much of the fat from your stories. The Aquarius/Gemini mix yields a very harmonious and versatile combination, blending the independence and originality of the Aquarius, with the wit, versatility, and intellectuality of Gemini. Intellectually you are quick, apt, and intuitive, but with a tendency to skim only the surface of most subjects you encounter. In the real world business, this can be a handicap. Your attention span is rather short. It's hard to pin you down to reality, and you can easily find yourself drifting in life. If this is not so in business, then it probably is in your personal life. Having and holding a fixed purpose can be a problem. Actually, however, your nature is truly much more fixed than it appears. Success depends on emphasizing the decisive potential in your nature, and becoming involved in some form of creative activity that allows you to express yourself mentally. You put facts and ideas together so quickly that you are a natural for advertising, writing, public speaking, or in just about any kind of job that allows you to live by your wit. You tire easily of routine and detail. There is a duality in your nature that shows rapid changes in moods and attitudes. You change your mind often and abruptly. Companionship is extremely important to you. You need someone to talk to constantly, and that someone must be mentally compatible and stimulating to your intellectual growth and cultural achievement.
    How'd I do?
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    Yeah nimer is right, Horoscopes use general terms and ideas which anyone could relate to, adding upon that many people are suggestible and will read something completely generic and see instances of truth, even more so when a large timeline of events can be referenced.
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    You would think that... until you saw your horoscope out of the 144 sun/moon combination possibilities... and then you'd think that there's prolly more to it than just vague terminology.

    Really... GWB's horoscope is more like GWB than the other examples.
    Obama's horoscope is more like Obama than the other examples.
    Chomsky's horoscope is more like Chomsky than the other examples.
    Manson's horoscope is more like Manson than the other examples.

    Like I've said... I have yet to see one that didn't accurately describe the person in question. Even the people that are closest to me are the most surprising.

    My current female mate *is* the center of attention, and guess how her horoscope ends...

    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a vital and highly charged temperament. Passion and temper have to be controlled and directed for you to achieve the high potential offered by this placement, for it is a very dynamic and powerful combination indeed. There is a natural tendency for you to become very emotional and personally involved in problems or debates; it may be an understatement to say that your likes and dislikes are well-defined. Sometimes a bit of ranting and raging can result if you fail to keep a tight lid on your natural inclinations. Your success and happiness may depend on maintaining full control over your emotions and feelings, and directing your energies along constructive lines. A natural magnetism permits you to achieve a much success as a leader, but there is likely to be much more emotionalism than mental depth in your makeup. Yours is a very confident and positive nature, revealing considerable pride and self-regard. You don't seem to rely on logic, intuition, or reason, but instead you react on pure instinct. High in moral attitudes, you draw the line on others quickly, and too readily judge others on your stated standards, which you may not always live up to yourself. Everything is colored by your personal biases, and you have little capacity for objectivity or detachment. This is a very driving placement, bent on getting power and authority, and very capable of fulfilling these objectives. In business or executive affairs you are keenly alert to your interests, aggressive, vigilant and determined. You act on ideas quickly and without hesitation. You are determined and shrewd. You are essentially dramatic, with yourself being the main character occupying center stage.
    My personal favorite: "There is a natural tendency for you to become very emotional and personally involved in problems or debates; it may be an understatement to say that your likes and dislikes are well-defined.... Everything is colored by your personal biases, and you have little capacity for objectivity or detachment."

    That *is* her. No other person has those characteristics in his/her horoscope, because it's not in their personalities.

    There's more to this stuff than you guys would like to admit.
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    Here's mine...

    The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign is beneficial to both, but often produces a somewhat high-strung emotional nature. Life is full of stimuli and fascinations, and the mind is always searching for experiences, romances, and revolutionary ideas to explore. You possess unusual emotional depth for a Gemini, and what your quick intellect doesn't pick up on, your emotions do. You have a greater ability to concentrate than others of your Sun sign. Keeping your mind focused is the key to controlling an ever present problem with nervous tension. If you can concentrate on some study or pursuit, putting your mind on it and leaving it there, problems with nerves seem to disappear. But when you dwell on personal issues and petty problems, you may find yourself becoming progressively more subject to tensions. You have a great need for peace, quiet, and stability in your life, and it is important that you establish these early in life. Unfortunately, domestic stability doesn't come easily or naturally for you, but it is important all the same. For all your problems with thinking and emotions, you always come out well. You are sure of yourself and confident of your analyzes. You know what is going on in the minds of men, and you have little difficult predicting their actions. Tricks and games people play seem crystal clear to you, and you have an intuitive sense of how to react.

    That's me 100%. Not 50%, not 75%, not 90%. 100%!

    I think I'm gonna turn this into a webOS app.

    Everybody's is different, and it's totally in tune with themselves, and you know it!!! You guys just never knew about moon signs.
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    What I believe is Rubinstein's (if it's actually April 12, 1956):

    The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows that you can combine forcefulness and enough tact to do pretty much as you please, and get away with it. For all the charm and dash of manner about you, there is a distinct layer of steely drive and determination. The aggressiveness and rough edges of Aries are softened and smoothed by the influence of Taurus. You can be an agreeable and polite person, with tactless behavior kept well in check. You have a curious way of appearing tactful even as you lay down the law and demand your way. There's a "sugar and spice" way of driving your point home, and winning. You have a powerful magnetic quality, coupled with a very strong will and determination for leadership. All Aries are natural leaders, but in this configuration, there is more stability and more of a solid base to the operation. You think highly of yourself, though you aren't one to make a show of this. Yet a pervading sense of your abilities is the foundation of your life. You're never likely to suffer from an inferiority complex. You need to learn to rule without dominating and to adjust your desires to the happiness of those around you. Anyhow, regardless of your sex, you're likely to be the dominate partner in your marital relationship, and you'll try to control circumstances in nearly any situation you find yourself.

    Not one of these are interchangeable in whole, not even that many sentences, even.

    On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do you think they do an "exceptional" job, just based on where the sun and moon was at the time of their birth???
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    How does one determine their sun and moons signs? Sun sign I assume is the traditional date of birth?
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    Yeah, I believe horoscopes are pretty accurate. I read this one book, can't remember the name, but it separated the signs in to male, female, and gay. And the male one for my sign (Picses) was on the money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    How does one determine their sun and moons signs? Sun sign I assume is the traditional date of birth?
    Well... you determine where they were by recalling where these heavenly bodies were at the time of your birth, and that would also depend on the location as well. And the easiest way to recall where these heavenly bodies were at the time of your birth... you typically use a "birth chart", or "natal chart".

    After you find out those two things (sun/moon) from reading your birth chart, I found this page that gives the sun-moon combination reading [which, as you can tell, I have found to be remarkably similar personalities to the person in question]:
    Astrology: Sun and Moon Combinations.

    The general idea is that your sun sign is what others perceive of you, and your moon sign is more of how you perceive yourself. Something like that. Your "rising sign" is supposed to be the sign with the next most prominence after the first two, and so on and so forth... but I'm not much more interested past the 144 possible combinations available from the sun/moon. It always gets people to raise an eyebrow.

    And to the guy bringing God into this. I only find it more amazing when people look at this stuff in retrospect. It doesn't do a whole lot for a child to read this, but I will admit... I looked up the sun/moon horoscope for a friend's child, and it basically was talking about the "gift of gab", which this kid definitely has. He never shuts up. He picks up every word he hears. He loves to do Mad Libs. I see that as even more evidence of our Creator. Nothing to be afraid of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    How does one determine their sun and moons signs? Sun sign I assume is the traditional date of birth?
    To answer your question in another way...

    Essentially, the Earth passes thru 12 sun constellations as it revolves around the Sun.

    And, I'm assuming that the Moon passes thru 12 moon constellations as it revolves around the Earth.

    Anything past that on the birth chart, I can't really tell ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby View Post
    How does one determine their sun and moons signs? Sun sign I assume is the traditional date of birth?
    You're correct about the sun sign. There are moon sign calculators on line. I think they write the descriptions so vaguely, and people's personalities are usually so complex, that they can apply to anyone at any given time. Pretty similar to how psychics operate, in my opinion. I think people would be better served by taking one of the various Jungian personality type assessments out there. However, I think even those only scratch the surface of the complexity of personality.
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    They only appear vague. But the things that they highlight from every individual person are just THE things that represent you.

    People can find a traditional horoscope based only on your sun sign that doesn't really seem like you, but this sun-moon combo is nothing short of spectacular, IMHO.

    Like I said... if you could tell me which one you think do a good/bad job, on a scale from 1 to 10, or would prefer to test out someone else.... then be my guest.
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    Got mine send via PM and i must say that it is 100% accurate. It is like someone that has known you your whole life that you never knew about.
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    For realz, yo!!

    Here's Steve Jobs' horoscope...


    The combination of your Pisces Sun and Moon signs produces a dualistic personality and one that is quite difficult for the world to easily understand. You are highly introspective, almost to the extent that the outer world around you seems odd and full of what you perceive as weird notions. A tendency to withdraw, makes you strangely inaccessible at times. Yet you have a very warm and likable quality when you allow yourself to open up to others and let these traits show. You have an enormous faith in your intuition and your self-sufficiency, but at the same time, you value close relationships and social activity. For the most part the double Pisces is amenable, acutely interested in others, and a trustworthy friend.

    In handling your work, you are by nature very painstaking and accurate in detail. You are loyal to your duties and fulfilling obligations. Mentally you are quick, perceptive, intuitive, with an almost mystic belief in your hunches. Insight and creativity is your great strength. You have an uncanny way of seeing the core and substance of things, making you both motivational and a universal-thinker. Artisitic performance is often your forte.

    I mean, that second paragraph is totally Steve Jobs. The first paragraph is certainly him too, but it's one of those "more vague" parts. He is "highly introspective" to the point where he's "highly inaccessible"... but it'd be pretty tough to say that that second paragraph isn't spot on for Jobs.

    It's almost eerie how detailed some of these get.
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    Here's a couple more that deserve to go up alongside Steve Jobs.

    Bill Gates....

    The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a realist with little interest in generalizations or abstractions. Your focus is definite and highly personal. Ambition is strongly marked in your nature. You have little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy, or other intangibles unless they touch you, or someone you are interested in, personality. You are extremely independent and highly impulsive. You know that you are personally a strong person, and you have little compassion or concern for those who are not. An understanding nature is not your special gift. A shrewd and hard-headed demeanor is more likely to describe your individuality. Your effervescent personality and good sense may keep you from clashing too often with associates and friends, but you are never one to run away from a fight, and when aroused, you are capable of voluble and forceful resentments. You are mentally quick, clever, and highly protective. An accurate critical mind can handle hard work and long scientific analysis. You are ardent and passionate in your relationships, but you're not an easy person with whom to share a relationship. You are demanding and exacting of others, but not necessarily willing to be imposed upon in return. Though your temperament is rash and forceful, you are admired by others for strong definite opinions that you never hesitate to put into practice. You are a fighter that attacks problems directly with little concern for tact and diplomacy. Nonetheless, you are the one people will call on when they want to get a difficult job done, as you will let little or nothing stand in the way of reaching your goals.

    Linus Torvalds....

    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces an individual designed to be in charge. You have a vigorous and vital personality capable of great popularity and of much success in the world. You are a very self-sufficient person, and somewhat aristocratic in your demeanor; a sort of aloofness and detachment that makes you seem important even before you are. You possess a charisma that allows you to work things out for your benefit without making a big display or adamant demands. You know how to be assertive and diplomatic at the right times and in the right manner. You may want power and position, but you go about getting these in a quiet, cool and collected way. You believe in yourself and know how to translate your belief to others. You like to be the leader in any undertaking because you usually feel that you are the one most qualified to run the show. You are a very down-to-earth person, a materialist. The abstract, the philosophic, or the visionary, hold little interest for you. Emotionally, you are ardent although not exactly warm-hearted. Emotions are not likely to ever interfere with duty and responsibility.
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    Here's mine...

    The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces an individual destined to read the off-topic threads for enternity looking for something to argue with.

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