I have been a big fan and user of Ubuntu and Linux, and I have come across an interesting question that just plain Googling won't solve (or perhaps I'm looking for the wrong terms).

Background info:

When a new upgrade for Ubuntu comes around, I usually torrent the alternative-install ISO, mount it, and upgrade from that to save as much bandwidth to the apt servers as I can (old but still working instructions here for anyone else that is curious: Albert Bicchi: Upgrade Ubuntu from an ISO image ). This was fine and dandy when it was just my server that needed upgrading, but now I'll be upgrading 9 computers in 5 states. My problem isn't remotely connecting to the computers (thanks ssh!! ), it's with getting the iso file to each of them at the same time.

My question: Is there any way I can set up all nine computers to torrent together such that when one gets a piece, it prioritizes sharing it with other 8 before seeding it to everyone else?