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    Hey guys i need a little help here with my laptop, i need to buy a new memory ram for my laptop gateway but in the internet have differents; the old ram card have the next specifications 512 mb ddr, 333 mhz- cl2.5 pc2700s-25331 , how am i suppose to search for the right memory ram on the internet? i need one with 1 gb!

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    PC2700 and 333mhz relate to the speed of the ram so you should be fine with 1gb pc2700. Do you actually have the model and serial numbers of the laptop ?
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    sure thanks , is a gateway mx6440 !..
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    If you look here you can see that you should have 2 slots for ram in the laptop. It is indeed PC2700 and you can use up to 2x1 gb sticks. Also notice it mentions SODIMM, you should also double check this when ordering but most current laptop ram is SODIMM.
    Let me know if you need any more info.

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    ok thanks again , there is any difference between pc2700 and pc3200?
    is this the right one?
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    Yes that looks ok. PC3200 runs at 400mhz which will more than likely still run on your laptop but will be throttled back to 333mhz by the bus speed on the motherboard so you will not see any improvement.

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