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    Hey all,

    Thinking about picking one of these three up cheap on Ebay, not sure which to go for though.

    The camera on the DSi is nice, but I will usually have my phone with me anyway for that, and the original DS can still play all the games, it just has a slightly dimmer screen and no camera, plus it is cheaper.

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    I say the DS Lite. The difference in screen quality between the DS and DS Lite is really huge. If you do go with the original DS, whatever you do, don't look at a DS Lite screen.

    The DSi has the downloadable DSiWare, but doesn't have a GBA slot. There's a ton of great GBA games, so I personally would rather have the option for those.

    The big feature that the DSi has that the DS Lite doesn't is WPA support. However, the DSi can only use WPA for downloading DSiWare and for web browsing. Since DS games need to support the older DS and DS Lite, they don't work with WPA protection.

    Keep in mind that Nintendo has also announced the 3DS, which will have more details announced at E3. If you can wait until May, you might be able to see even more of a discount if people offload their current system after hearing about the new one.
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    Did they leave out the GBA slot on the DSi XL too?
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    And why is that?

    I am a fan of gaming, I have an original Grey and an original Yellow Gameboy, have a gameboy colour and a gameboy Advanced, original PS & 2, N64.

    Handheld gaming consoles aren't really made for 'at home' use I don't think, they are for when you're traveling or whatever, and as far as I know there isn't a DSi emulator made for the palm pre is there :P

    So for me, no, it isn't a waste of money.

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