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    I have an AMD Athlon 600 Mhz desktop. Can I upgrade the processor on this computer?

    I would assume the standard Athlon is just a 200 Mhz bus so I could not go up to the Plus (I believe is 266) but how fast a processor can I go?

    I should mention this is a Cumetrix system and they seem to be out of business as their websites are down.
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    What kind of MoBo is it, and is it Slot 2 or Socket A?
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    I have no idea...I have no manuals for the motherboard.
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    Originally posted by maddog
    I have no idea...I have no manuals for the motherboard.
    It all depends on the motherboard. Crack open the case and take a look. Hopefully, it has the manufacturer printed - if not, do a google search on some of the promising numbers (those that don't look to be labeling anything). Once you know what motherboard it is, check out the specs.
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    You try looking at the BIOS. Some Mobo's allow selection of CPU and bus speed.
    And it also may be jumpers, in which case you would need the manuals.
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    if you can't find anything on the MB to identify the make and manufacturer, the BIOS info would be the next best bet on IDing the thing. has info on how to ID a MB based on the BIOS. Go to the BIOS Numbers link and you'll find instructions there on what info you need. The page also has a table that will relate the numbers you find to particular BIOS manufacturers and the MBs the BIOS was made for. From there you should be able to find a website for the MB manufacturer and get specs on the board from them.
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    OK, I finally got around to looking at my computer and I have an :

    AMD Slot A AGP/PCI Motherboard QS754

    It has 128K built-in L1 Cache and 512K built-in L2 Cache.
    The Book states it supports Athlon processors up to 1Ghz, is there a difference between Athlon and Athlon Thunderbird? I see the processors are cheap, like $40.

    It also says it supports 200 Mhz FSB

    I currently have 128MB RAM and that is my first priority to move up to 256 MB since memory is so cheap. Any advice on where I could find a 1G processor that could fit my needs at a reasonable price?

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