View Poll Results: Are you smarter than Barack Obama?

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    31 32.63%
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    37 38.95%
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    6 6.32%
  • That's not for me to determine.

    21 22.11%
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    A simple question. Please self-evaluate and answer sincerely.
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    how the heck could anyone know or even think they are without knowing the man?
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    No Im not!

    You have to be pretty smart to spend that much of somebody elses money w/o them caring, and convince them its a good thing to go deeper in debt to pay for ignorance!
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    I voted yes, anyone with a blackberry can't be smarter than me
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    Odds are yes but I'm not aware of his IQ level so I put not sure. Anyone happen to have read his IQ level somewhere I'm sure it was in some political article or Fox news if it was low or average
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    not sure.

    But I know I wouldn't be able to do his job. I mean, trying to please two different parties that will NEVER agree with each other.
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    lmao, no I'm kinda stupid so I'm not smarter then him
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    Well I find a source saying he's anywhere between 130 and 148 so he's smarter than most people at least as far as the IQ test went
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    Maybe i could of said yes yesterday, but i was stupid enough to click on this thread, and read through the ignorant comments...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    Odds are yes but I'm not aware of his IQ level so I put not sure. Anyone happen to have read his IQ level somewhere I'm sure it was in some political article or Fox news if it was low or average
    Therein lies the rub. Does one simply use an IQ measure to determine what 'smarter' is? I'm sure that President Obama is more knowledgeable on certain subjects than others, and vice versa. Put him on that Foxworthy show and we'll see what happens.
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    FYI.... IQ level does not mean "smart"

    (edit: wrote before I read all the comments about IQ... doh. guess that places me in the not smart zone)
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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoochild View Post
    I voted yes, anyone with a blackberry can't be smarter than me
    I agree, BB's are for the less fortunate in the intelligence arena, plus I have more honesty and integrity in my left pinkie finger than that loser had his whole miserable life. Go TEA Party.. Vote this joke out in November!!!

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    I think basing someone's "smarts" on what kind of phone they use places you in the lower end of the IQ spectrum. So does believing anything the "Tea Party" has to say.
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    There's a huge difference between being smart & being wise. The primary characteristic I look for in a President is wisdom.

    I believe Obama is a very smart person. He is a lawyer, which takes a pretty high level of smarts and he has shown a great capacity for learning, etc.

    However, being smart, doesn't mean one is wise. It's Obama's wisdom that I question, not how smart he is.

    So, I would almost guarantee Obama is smarter than I am (honestly, that's not saying much!) However, I think I could give him run for his money on decison-making and wisdom categories.(not saying much either, in my opinion)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    how the heck could anyone know or even think they are without knowing the man?
    I think we've all had the opportunity to see Barack Obama speak, cogitate, debate, read-aloud, take questions in press conferences, address Congress both formally and informally (I'm thinking of the Health Summit which was live on C-Span for several hours), and get interviewed on TV (most recently on Fox.) All this over a time span of several years.

    We all make judgments about the intelligence of the people in our schools, at our jobs and in our lives, often with much less exposure and information than is available regarding Barack Obama.

    In my experience, the older we get, the less willing we become to admit that anyone might be smarter than we are. But when we're in school, most of us have no problem identifying "the smartest kid in the class" even when its someone else.

    I have no doubt that there are some pretty smart people on Precentral. But I am surprised that so far fully 25% of the people here sincerely believe they are smarter than the President of the United States.

    George Bush used to take a lot of flak for being "dumb". Reportedly he didn't do too well in school. And he certainly had more than his share of difficulty with the English language. If I had to answer this same poll about George Bush, I think I'd probably select "Not Sure". But I suspect he was at least a little smarter than he looked.
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    everybody who said that they're smarter than obama should run for president. some of you probably don't even have college degrees. not that having a degree makes you a complete brainiac. most people (not all) who dislike obama can't even comprehend his ideas. we all know that the president himself can only do so much.. so i don't know why people scream obama this, obama that when bills are passed or not passed. it's not like he is the sole decision maker. but that aside, obama's campaign spoke of change and active citizenship. and that's exactly what needs to happen. america's/the world's whole system needs a complete overhaul! values and circumstances, hell, life has changed from 1876 til now.. we need more than just ammendments.. obama wanted to spark the thought of change.. cause we as a people need to get out of this old way of thinking. and we as citizens need to be much more active in rallying for that change. no one can look at this world and these governments and honestly say that it doesn't need some major changes.. all obama can do is try to lead that change.. and he is. the fact that people are angry by some of the bills he has proposed is a good thing.. maybe you'll get off of your butts and start being active instead of just complaining about things in forums.. you can make a difference.. change something..
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    Quote Originally Posted by RPFTW View Post
    Define, "Smarter"
    Anyone who needs a definition of the word "smarter" probably should answer this poll "no".
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    I also find it interesting that choice #4 "That's not for me to determine" is significantly outpolling "not sure".

    When I included that choice it was kind of an inside obscure reference to the old joke "Are you normal?" "That's not for me to determine, that's for a psychiatrist to determine."

    But Googling "That's not for me to determine" reveals that in recent years that phrase has become closely associated with Mark McGwire's avoidance of directly answering questions asked by Patrick McHenry (Republican from North Carolina) during his Congressional testimony.

    "Is using steroids cheating?"

    "That's not for me to determine."

    "But for YOU, is it cheating?"

    "That's not for me to determine."
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    Quote Originally Posted by RPFTW View Post
    Maybe anyone who doesn't question the subjectivity of a generic word such as "smart" should probably answer no?
    Or maybe people who would rather parse the question than answer it are uncomfortable admitting that someone they disagree with might be smarter than they are?

    For THAT is the most interesting inquiry at hand. How many people who voted for McCain, would turn around and admit (however begrudgingly) that Barack Obama is smarter than they?

    If you voted against Obama for President, but still voted "No" in this poll, then your honesty is to be applauded and you have my respect.
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    He probably got more book sense, which means NOTHING since all the folks in DC that have run, and are running this nation in the grounds are supposely the SMARTEST this nation has to offer.

    The fact is there are only a few qualification to be president (35yrs old, natural born U.S. citizen, permanent resident in U.S. for at least 14yrs), I think the issue today is the people (voters) are too dumb to realize how dupped we are by both Parties. Much of becoming President is about the campaign, but once thats over, one must govern which is a different beast.

    Most dont know jack about Obama unless you do tons of independent research, heck we knew more about Palin (b/c the media did research) on a non-vetted candidate. All many knew about PBO is he lived in Indonesia, grew up in Hawaii, attended college in Cali before Harvard, worked in NY for a minute, then moved to Chi-town as a grown azz man where he then began to interact with the Black community.

    He built street creds with the radical leaders, groups there, and did a good job of positioning himself to become President. PBO is a student of Saul Alinsky, so was H. Clinton and is doing a masterfully job of sticking to "Rules for Radicals" (google it). There is much more to say isnce I did research is rise to become a state senator and U.S. Senator, as well as his voting record and bills that he sponsored and co-sponsored (I do this for all candiddates).

    PBO was/is the smartest left-wing radical of all time b/c of his ability to surpress his true intent, while keeping the people looking at the left hand when you should be watching both hands, plus he got the backing of the media who is suppose to be the checks and balance for the people and call a spade a spade no matter the Party.

    Inconclusion, I am smarter b/c of honesty, common sense, civility street sense and based upon his lack of depth on any issues (unless he is reading a speech), I got him on the political knowledge. I'll give him the edge on book sense, since he got that JD and I only got the B. Science
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