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    Happy Easter everyone. Even if you don't believe, may you, your family and children have a wonderful day.

    What are you doing today?

    Myself - Working at the firehouse then having dinner with family and grandson.
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    happy easter too my wife and I are going to cook dinner and hide eggs have a great day too
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    Woke up this morning and still no Mustang in my drive! Screw that damn bunny...and his fat friend Santa for forgetting me too!

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    Happy Easter! Let's not forget it's true meaning, the Lord has risen!
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    Whether today holds spiritual significance to you or simply marks another day in a long weekend from work, I hope you enjoy it!
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    Ishtar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Pagan origins of Easter

    The BASIC thought behind Easter is fine. Don't get it twisted. But the truth is even finer.
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    Happy Easter
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    Happy Easter to you as well, I will be having dinner with my family also.
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    happy zombie jesus day!
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    Happy easter to my online family, but don't be jealous cause today I'm going to spend time with my real family. going to go to my moms house for dinner with my kids.
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    The fam and I are going to my folks' house for baby sheep leg and such.

    Have a Grate Easter!
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    About to take the kids over to my moms for some dinner. Happy Easter all!!
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    Happy Ostara to those who are not christian. Be safe in your travels and spend good time with family. Not all of us are able to for whatever reason.
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    I hope the day is still going well for all.

    I love and hate these types of threads... It gives me more of a feel for how old or young other forum members are.
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    Happy belated Easter, from a barely practicing Buddhist. Love is love.

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