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    Quote Originally Posted by born2defy View Post
    Nothing beats roasting your own beans...
    Definitely on my list of things to try.
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    I watched the True Brew videos last night, changed how I made my pot this morning, and it is a marked improvement, thanks for that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    I bought a couple of refillable cups, and fill them with Dunkin' Donuts coffee - less wasteful and tons cheaper than the better way to start the day!
    I can't seem to get a decently strong cup of coffee out of the refillable cups. I've tried different grinds and the closest I can get is to use a fine grind and brew a small cup. What's your secret?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmorgan25 View Post
    The best way to make coffee is "French Press"
    (Since we are presenting personal opinions as fact, thought I'd do the same )

    Actually, French Press is great, but I prefer vacuum pot. My wife & I used a Bodum Santos (Nicholas Coffee and Teas Buy Item) for several years before the plastic finally got too cracked. Unfortunately they don't make the smaller version any more and the big version is too big for us.

    We replaced it with a Bodum Dripper ( - the Bodum online shop) It is a bit more work since it's a manual drip but damn it does make great coffee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas View Post
    We actually have that model. Was a wedding gift we registered for. But I was deceived, the "Grind Control" dial on the front is not to control the fineness of the grind, it's simply the number pf cups.

    The grind is pretty course, wasting coffee.

    I do not recommend it.
    Hmmm.. I don't have the fancy stainless model, just the black plastic one they sold at Costco some years back. Mine seems to grind pretty well and never looked too coarse to me. I do have my buddy sharpen the little cutter for me about every year or so.

    I will admit I'm not much of coffee snob and don't know all the "rules" on how to brew or drink the stuff. I just enjoy it, especially a cup sitting around with friends!

    Sometimes I like the darker roast especially whatever it is the have at Bucca di Pepo's, usually the mild breakfast stuff works for me. Usually don't bother with Starbucks (and the copycats) cause I can't stand the burned flavor. Although I do seem to enjoy their Americano from time to time. Honestly I really enjoy a cup at Coco's. Especially with french toast! ...good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by born2defy View Post
    Nothing beats roasting your own beans...
    I always wanted to try that. Do you recommend any particular at-home roaster? And, where you can buy good quality unroasted coffee beans in a quantity suitable for a home, and not a coffee shop? (Assuming you really do roast your own beans).

    I agree that french press is the way to go, but I'll admit that I use my the Cuisinart Grind and Brew for work day mornings. At least its the model that has a burr grinder, and not a blade.
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    The I-Roast 2 air roaster. Not too expensive, low smoke output, and very good results for the casual home roaster. For top quality beans try and (going off memory so those may not be the exact web addresses).

    I brew in a standard drip machine, but one that is built to industrial specifications which allow it to brew at the correct temperature (just below boiling). Nearly all consumer coffeemakers cheap out on the electronics and do not heat the water enough which leads to bland coffee. Also always use filtered water and mae sure to let the roasted beans rest for a day or so before grinding/brewing. The difference in taste is literally night and day.
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