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    A US Warship really??? LOL

    U.S. Navy Captures Pirates After Gunfight -

    NAIROBI, Kenya—A U.S. Navy warship sank a pirate vessel and detained five suspects Thursday after Somali pirates fired at it in one of the more brazen attacks by armed men in skiffs who prey on vessels plying the sea lanes of the Indian Ocean.

    The USS Nicholas took fire just after midnight from a small skiff, according to a statement from U.S. Africa Command. The guided-missile frigate, which was patrolling west of the island nation of the Seychelles, fired back, chased down the skiff and detained three people on board, according to Lt. Patrick Foughty, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces ...
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    FREEDUMB! (braveheart style)
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    Headline could also read: Impoverished Somali Navy kidnapped after attempting to head off US Pirate.

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