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    No doubt. That kind of stuff is ridiculous in my view. I haven't EVER defended that kind of thing.

    No Kam, you defend an individuals right to say and do what he or she wants to say or do. Because its an individual not a group. Which by the Tea Party's own admission they are trying now to shut down. They even take the same vein as you do though, they blame it on the individual. What an absolute cop out. Own up to your own. Whether you wish to believe your a group or not, the perception is that you are.
    Tell you what, if a bunch of people come running at you screaming foul and abusive names. Would you not assume they all belong to the same group. if the same group stood outside your place of work and there were signs, shouting slogans, and what not, all the same, would you not assume it was a group. Or is this your weak attempt at deflection, from what everyone else perceives, that this is a group. A fairly well directed group at that.

    you cant blame the whole for the actions of a single individual, is what your saying, I am saying that its part of the whole. So are a lot of other people, so own up, or as it was said before, cowboy up Kam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAM1138 View Post
    No, you're just someone who depends on dishonest distortions.
    I am just asking a question. I have asked you this same question, in various forms, and instead of giving me a simple honest answer, you just tell me that I give you "dishonest distortions." So what I am getting from you is that nobody is to be held responsible for their own actions.

    No, I said its wrong to accuse innocent people of things that they didn't do. Unfortunately, you can't seem to understand this simple concept.
    Well, like you said. They do not have the power to police themselves. Since they are not willing/able to police themselves, to me, that makes them guilty by association.

    You're using a pejorative term, meant as an insult--be man (or woman) enough to admit it.
    I will as soon as you admit the same about your use of "leftist"

    Take off your blinders, and you'll see it just fine.
    Why don't you just post some examples?

    I'm sorry that you live in a state where you don't understand sarcasm.

    And I am sorry that you live in a state where ignorance is bliss...
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