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    Following some bad news I have decided to say goodbye for now. Things at home are going to get tough very quickly and I will not have the time to dedicate to the forums anymore. It has always been a time consuming hobby for me and I worry that this may be part of the problem.

    I have made some good friends here and I am also involved in some projects, so I must also formally disassociate myself with those projects (with the deepest regret).

    I wish you all the very best of luck and I'd like to extend my gratitude to every member who has ever helped anyone or said a kind word on the forums, together you guys have made this place the lovely community that it has become.

    Seeya on the other side
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    Sorry to hear it. Hope you get things sorted out.
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    SqyArc, I hope whatever the problem is works itself out and that you'll be back soon. Good luck!
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    Have a nice life..
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    Sorry to hear that, hope everything works out.
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    hey Dan hope to see ya back some time !!!!! hope everything works out for the best for you , for real !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    take care and good luck! Your insight and opinion will be missed! I hope it all sorts itself out soon!
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    hope ur sister gets well soon. thanks for everything
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    We will leave a light on. I hope all turns out well.
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    Good Luck with life and hope to see you back soon.
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    Good luck buddy, hope everything gets better for you soon.
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    Good luck and best wishes, hope everything works out for you bro.
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    We all hope that things turn out ok for you and we're looking forward to the day you come back.
    Take care.
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    You've been most helpful -- thank you for your time. I do hope all gets worked out in your situation!
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    You will be welcome upon your return!
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    Ditto from me, good luck!
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    I hope everything is alright and everything works out , you've been great in this community and your missing spot will be noticed, just want to say thanks for everything you've contributed.
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    good luck
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    peace and best of luck to you, and thanks for your contibutions here.
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    peace to u
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