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    Dan Hesse, joined Sprint/Nextel at the brink of bankruptcy. He kept them away, and moved them forward. Now in March 2010, we have stemmed the loss of customers, Clear WiMax is full-fledged, and expanding, and Sprint’s Satisfaction Ratings are going up across the board.

    If he can do this for Sprint, what do you think he could do for this country?

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    This video tells us that he’s at least a moderate/centrist.

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    depends whether he's a donkey or elephant
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    though i'm looking for sprint to pull through, I have to say this is a little premature. Overall they are still losing customers (though the sprint side is gaining, they're losing way more with nextel)...If you consider stock price to be an indicator of success, they are still in the $3 range, where they have been for the greater part of the last year. They had the chance with the pre to really have a flagship phone and failed to market it properly (mostly palm's fault). They also recently have had the best variety of devices (arguably) AND cheapest plans, yet they still haven't capitalized. This is not to say they won't, but just a little premature...I'm hoping they pull through though, and I agree the future looks brighter than the recent past.
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    There are only two fans on the Dan Hesse for president facebook page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    There are only two fans on the Dan Hesse for president facebook page.
    But look at his Fan! page. 90+ members!
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    If he pledges to switch Sprint to a real standard like LTE instead of WiMax then maybe. If he stays with a dying standard and imprisons Sprint in its own incompatible ghetto then he should be replaced with someone who has more foresight.

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