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    dam wokeme up this morning.

    4.5 quake in Pico Rivera
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    my friend posted on fb, she feel in Downey!
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    kool everyone's ok I presume lol ?
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    I would assume for someone from the LA area 4.5 would be barely worth mentioning? We had a 5.4 here in STL a few years ago and there wasn't even any damage save some chunks coming off a few 100 year old aqueducts.
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    We've had a rash of minor earthquakes in Jones, OK lately (few miles NE of Oklahoma City). I would imagine it would be something of a yawner in California.
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    I live by the train tracks and thought it was a train at first.
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    it woke up the wife i didn't feel it Anaheim CA
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    My sister and mom woke up, I slept through the thing like I always do for these "earthquakes".
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    Yep! I was holding on waiting for it to stop! Was a long one this time.. :/
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    yuup!!! Also woke me up!! My kids didn't even feel it!!!
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    I Didn't feel it in Laguna Beach but it may have been felt by others.

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