Now as some may know, I'm a conservative with Libertarian leanings. Looking at the thread about the Republicans being "The party of hate" kinda made me wonder? You see, I don't fall into the false right left paradigm that most live in, I think for myself and make my own judgements, not by party, but principle. If I disagree about something, I fight and speak for what I believe in. That is why I admire people like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney and others. I hate most of what Kucinich, Nader and Mckinney stand for politically, but they stand up for what they believe in. That, you have to respect.

Where are all of the anti war Democrats that we saw under Bush? The anti war movement began with some in the democratic party (a majority actually were democrats) and the Libertarian Party (and then later) with the infiltrated "Tea Party Movement" that was originated by Ron Paul supporters and invaded by neocons. Even Cindy Sheehan has been abandoned by the Democratic party now that she has come out and publicly criticized Obama about his war policy. Many within the anti war movement have said that this is just a continuation of the Bush administration. Even Alan Grayson (who happens to be my representative), who just last year criticized Obama's war policy in this Vanity Fair article Freshman Democrat Alan Grayson Attacks Obama's War Policy | VF Daily | Vanity Fair has backed away from criticizing the President for fear of "crossing a party line".

Where are all of the "tax protesting" Democrats?
Where are all of the sexual Harrassment Democrats?

Sure you hear that there is a secession movement in Texas, but fail to mention the 20 other states that are attempting the same thing? The list of States are here.

In actuality, it was Vermont that started this movement under the Bush administration. Hardly a "Republican stronghold".

Why all of the sudden,are Democrats lumping in "Tea Party Protesters, anti war protesters, the KKK, anti tax protesters, Libertarians etc" all into 1 group? Why does the Southern Poverty Law center lump all of the people together, the Miac report and others? There are still plenty of Democrats still involved in the movement, most notably former representative (and now a member of the Green Party) Cynthia McKinney who was detained illegally by Israel for attempting to deliver aid to the people of Gaza. The boat and crew were in International waters and were crossing an illegal "blockade" that Israel has placed surrounding entry into Gaza. Cynthia McKinney, Detained? - Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner on National Review Online Where is the outrage by either Democrats or Republicans? The ship was boarded and no weapons were found yet they still confiscated the goods and materials and detained the crew and passengers!

Part of the problem is that Mckinney has been "black listed" much like Massa has for not walking in lockstep with his party about health care. That is why more and more people are turning to 3rd parties, be it Libertarian, Green, workers party etc.. The mass media will never fully cover these stories because they control who is voted in. Faux, MSNBC, CNN are all there to spin the news to keep the status quo.

They call the Republicans the "Party of Hate"? What does that make the Democrats? When a Republican is caught in a bathroom stall seeking sex, you are all full of protest, when a Republican is accused of Rape he's guilty before trial. When a Democrat does anything like this, "Its personal business". The hypocrisy amazes me.

Maybe that's what you should label yourselves "The party of Hypocrisy".

Why do I get a feeling if a Republican was in office we would be still hearing from these Democrat protesters?

"You're all a bunch of effin slaves"
Jim Morrison

Where is their dissent now? Keep thinking more Government is what's best for you and others.