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    Hey all,

    Just wondering if there are any other college basketball fans out there. I thought it could be fun if we all joined a Tourney Pick 'em, to see who can make the most accurate predictions. Games don't start until next week, but figured I would get the group set up ahead of time.

    I created a pool on Yahoo Sports.

    Group: PreCentral
    ID: 38429
    Password: webOS

    There's no money or anything, just for fun. I would be pretty bummed if I am the only one to join, so jump in!
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    I might jump in. I am already doing 4 other pools, so what is one more right?
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    yeah lets go
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    Any early predictions? I gotta go with Evan Turner and my hometown Ohio State.
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    Doesn't seem like we have many sports fans on this forum, but if anybody is interested do join! See first post for details.
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    I will be joining as soon as I get off of work. Of course I am missing the play in game. Winthrop, even toug they are losing I have them in my bracket facing Duke. Kansas is a machine and I think Kentucky is the only team that will give them a problem. Of course tey won't meet up until the championship game.

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