Trolling and Baiting

We have noticed an increase of baiting, insults and otherwise unproductive posts in the Off-Topic forum lately and would like to point out the following sections from the Forum Guidelines. Trolling and baiting are violations of these guidelines and engaging in these behaviors may result a temporary ban of your account. Also note that "taking the bait" and responding in kind to these post can earn the same penalty. If you're insulted by a post you should report it rather than respond with an equally insulting post.

Also, please note the policy against using this forum to mount attacks directed at certain individuals. Especially calling people out by name for the purpose of a personal attack. As asked several times in the past, please try to keep the focus of your post on the subject of debate, not on the person with whom you're debating.

We strive to make this to be an open and welcome place to discuss issues. We realize that this leads to passionate and sometimes heated disagreements but there is no excuse for insulting or provocative behavior. If you feel the need to post a cleverly-worded, "veiled" insult, don't! The infraction will still be the same.

If insults, baiting, and/or flaming are your intent, the internet has plenty of places for you. This forum is not one of those places.

# Personal Attacks - Do not flame, insult, or post a personal attack against another. Be courteous, not rude. Do not troll or respond to trolls. Posters adding on to the same flaming or insulting post can earn the same infraction.

# Use Private Messaging (PM) - Do not post threads targeted at or about a specific user. To contact someone, click on the user's name and select "Send a Private Message." Also, Private Messaging is private; do not publicly post a Private Message.

# Trolling - Do not engage in repeated attempts to start arguments, harass users, or draw users into a fight just for the sake of it. Flame bait posts or thread will be closed and/or deleted and can earn the poster an infraction.