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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    VeeDubb65: which VW do you drive? I'm huge enthusiest myself.
    I always grin when somebody notices my screen name...

    Sadly, these days I drive a Corolla. Somewhere along the line between marriage, divorce, college, work, etc; practicality won.

    The screen name come from my first car, which was a 1965 VW Beetle. Not those hideous knock-off 70's super-beetles, but the original. I went through 2 engines in that car. The first one died 2800 miles after the first time I skipped adjusting the valves at my religiously scheduled 3000 mile oil changes. Sucked the #3 exhaust valve. It's always the #3 exhaust valve.....

    Still had the original oil-bath air cleaner and 6v electrical system.

    To those who discouraged living in the Pacific NW at all, that car was part of one of the things I loved about growing up here. Living anywhere in the Willamette Valley, you're only a leisurely drive from the coast, and I can't tell you how many times I drove that old bug, filed to the headliner with high school buddies, over the Van Dusier corridor to Lincoln City.

    You're also only a leisurely drive from the mountains. Living anywhere in the middle of the valley, you've got the beach an hour to the West, and Snowboarding and hour to the East.

    Edit: Oh, and Vancouver is a very decent option. You avoid all the Oregon income tax as long as you don't get a job down in Portland, and you can avoid a lot of the sales tax by hopping across the river for major purchases. There's some major retail outlets just south of the WA/OR border for exactly that reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    So I live here in Portland (well a suburb of) and honestly I can't see myself leaving. Grew up in Alaska, spent some time in Arizona (yes I know, quite extreme), was born in Washington state and well nothing feels more like home than Oregon. My suggestion to you is to really look at the surrounding areas because they all differ a bunch. Can go from stereotypical super liberal Portland (the actual "potland"?) to quite conservative Portland in less than an hour. So what's the living situation you are looking for?

    - Phil -
    Since I have never lived there, I'd look to rent first. I'd hope to find a house (2+ bedroom) to rent, as I miss having a yard. I don't want an area that will be shocked or 'offended' by my girlfriends unnatural hair color choices, so not a highly conservative area. Access to public transit is a VERY big plus.

    Quote Originally Posted by VeeDubb65 View Post
    I was born in Portland, OR and I've spent my entire life within an hour drive of Portland.

    Portland isn't a bad place, but I wouldn't want to live there unless I had a very good reason. If you want a large city in the NW, Seattle would be much better. The state income taxes in Oregon are absolutely brutal, and for most of us, far worse than the sales taxes in other states.

    If you really want to live in Oregon, which is a great state aside from the horrendous tax structure, there are safer and nicer cities.
    I did look at the tax structure. It would be a little bit of a hit , but getting away from Chicago's sales tax would help balance that out a lot.

    Seattle is on the list of places I'd like to live in, but it can't make the cut this time. Given some upcoming changes in life, I'm looking at the opportunity to move, but the list is pretty well narrowed down to Portland, L.A. or staying in Chicago.
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