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    Has anyone watched the video posted up on engadget with captions?

    Its hilarious.

    The iPad introduction video, as captioned by Google -- Engadget

    Im about to search some pre ads and see if they have the CC as well.
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    I dislike Apple so much. I do have to say though. They make a great product that just works. I only wish that they were more open source. I do not own anything Apple at this time. The iPad I hope is not the first. Please, please, please, someone come out with a WebOS version.
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    HP Please release the CDMA Pre3 phones!
    We want them!!!
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    the deal with the video, is how googles voice recognition transcriptions fails horribly with the Ipad video. I couldn't stop laughing.

    I hear ya on the ipad, I'm keeping an eye on both ipad and HP slate, since I actually have a need for a tablet in my work. Courier also looks interesting

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