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    Eric Massa Describes His Naked Shower Encounter With Rahm Emanuel (Update) | Mediaite funny interview

    As much as I hate that hack Glenn Beck, I may have to tune in tomorrow to listen to this one. Beck has Massa on for an hour tomorrow.

    Massa's Alleged Misconduct: Enough to Cost a Congressman His Job? - Politics - The Atlantic

    I don't know this mans politics, it just goes to show what happens when you openly fight the system. It sounds like a hatchet job to me. Frakken? What, has this guy watched too much BSG?
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    Seems odd... party... fracking... seems like he blew himself up.
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    Take his word for what it's worth. No, I don't claim this because the guy's a wacko like many of the pundits are saying; he's simply a politician. Having said that, a "hatchet job" certainly doesn't seem out of the question. I've heard that Emanuel is the man behind the certain.

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