Hey, i have a huge problem here. My Nokia 8290 just gave out (the screen doesnt go on), but the calling and dialing still works. I called up VoiceStream (my service provider) to find out about getting it replaced with a different phone, seeing as this is my 4th screen problem with a Nokia 8290 that ended in it getting replaced for free. The man i talked to basically gave me no help, so im resulting to you guys (who are obviously more skilled). Ide like to NOT use the 8290 anymore, seeing as it gives me huge problems, but im not willing to dish out 599 for the treo w/out service. The gentleman DID say though, that i could sign up for another 12 months of service added onto my origional plan, and get the price you would pay if you were to sign up at the beginning (Treo at 399 i guess?). But the thing is, voicestream doesnt sell it, so im almost out of luck. Can i get the treo for 299 through handspring.com if i already have service? I dont want two lines of service, and two phones...just 12 months added to my already september 2001 old plan, and pay the normal price of the phone. If the treo is out of the question, how can i do this with, say, the Siemens S40 or the Motorola v60? Thanks for all your help in advance, seeing as the voicestream representitive didnt really help. One other thing, i was thinking of getting the replacement 8290 phone, and selling it on EBAY, with the extra cash, buying an unlocked phone, does that sound like it will work?