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    I was trying to download the latest version of ThoughtMgr from Hands High's site, but when I click on the link to the download page, I get a longish delay, then nothing but a "torn" QuickTime icon. Clicking the icon points my browser nowhere.
    The link to the Mac version of the download worked fine.
    I thought the problem might be at Hands High's end, but when I tried the link to the WIN installer from my machine at work, it worked fine.
    Support at Hands High indicated it could be a "file recognition problem with my browser".
    Can anyone offer any help and/or suggestions?
    I'm running IE 5 on a Pentium II 266 MHz w/ 64MB RAM in WIN 98.
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    Ive always wondered that too. if the "broken quicktime" logo comes up, it must mean that the browser saw a quictime file. and if thats the case, why won't it just play the freaking file?

    Once, I put up a quictime movies on my server, and it was rushed by a ahuge surge of traffic. it turned into a broken quictime logo too...

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