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    Boy....I thought I was addicted to PDA's.
    When I was in line at a local fast food resteraunt in order to try to win a million bucks from a local radio station, I saw a guy behind me in a gold buick with an "old style" Nebraska license plate that said PDA Guy...

    I'm not that bad... yet...

    I'm wondering who it was though...maybe our own Madkins007?
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    LOL! Nope, I have never even THOUGHT about putting my PDA addition out that publically!

    I HAVE thought about a vanity plate, but I tend to treat my cars more like (gasp) transportation devices than personal billboards or 'statements', so I have never followed up on it. I don't even have a bumper sticker on mine! (and I KNOW I am going to get busted because of that one day!)

    I drive an older, used, slightly dusty Honda Civic, blue, with a busted tailpipe (since November- I keep MEANING to get it fixed, but now I am used to it!)

    This is THE vehicle for all of us wildly successful wheelchair repair techs! It has automatic theft protection (older, used, dusty, and noisy keeps them away real good!), a manual transmission- the true 'techie' touch (you ain't really driving it if you ain't shifting it!), and a surprisingly big trunk for my tool box and other junk.

    Speaking of cars in Omaha- have you seen the 'XXX-666 Mobile'? It is an older caddie with longhorns mounted on front, bat-like fins on back, and is covered in nickels, pennies, and bits of mirrors! It looks odd, but it is done very well! It is often parked in front of St. Cecilia's Cathedral, a block or so north of 42nd & California. It is worth a look if you can find it!
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    No, I haven't seen that one...I'm gonna have to take a short road trip and see if I can find it one day!
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