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    We embrace the brotherhood (and sisterhood), and just love the fact that our two countries know how to put on a great show. The games were amazing. I am proud of all that we accomplished. Its not about who wins more. but how we all compete and love every aspect of the sport the same way the rest of the world does. I watched the hockey game with some americans who had moved here to canada. Despite the loss, we all celebrated the game and the specticle that it was, with no hatred or mockery of each others country. I love the US vs Can rivalry. its what brings our 2 nations together. Cograts on your accomplishments USA. also for giving us the game of the century.

    but back on topic. Where the@!#$ is 1.4???? I really hate Bell sometimes.

    P.S. Despite Sid the kid not doing much during the olympics...the games we played were heavily thrown upon his shoulders, for him to lead us to the promise land. I think it was a perfect ending that his one goal of the games came in OT. And to top it all off. he wasn't even selfish about it. He may be a whiner in the NHL...but when he plays for canada....he bleeds Red & White. and those who hate on him for being the one to score need to learn what being a fan of canada is about. Hatred should stay in the NHL not in the olympics.
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