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    woooo overtime baby!! USA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 65fastback View Post
    hey OP, hope you enjoy silver!

    Enjoy your brand new shiney silver.

    (Lol Canada wins)
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    Aww man! That's too bad. At least we got 1.4...
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    I don't mind USA only getting the Silver, but to have Cindy "the whiner" Crosby get the winning goal is enough to make me throw up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beret9987 View Post
    Aww man! That's too bad. At least we got 1.4...
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    Enjoy the Gold. Only a few can hang it. We all on this side will enjoy the 1.4.
    Op- congrats.
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    It's funny how he says "Eh I just shot it."

    We have gold, but at least you have 1.4...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    What is this the Olympics? Pfft, waste of time, not contributing to the world, could be inventing a cure for diabetes, bla bla bla.
    Yes, atheletes should be "inventing" a cure for diabetes. Who needs scientists.
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    Add that goal for another reason why I HATE Crosby. Great showing for USA!!!!
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    Yeeeaaaah )

    Now would be a good time for bell to show up with 1.4 .... bull*cough*$hit*cough
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    I'm rooting for the US but several Sharks players are playing for Canada. Maybe in another decade there will be parity.
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    Congratulations Canada on a well played, exciting game!

    And thank you for hosting the Olympics and being generally some of the nicest people I know...
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    Congrats Canada, awesome game!
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    Go canada!
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    That was a great game, congrats to Canada.
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    No American should be saying congrats to Canada right now, unless you enjoy turning your back to your flag.
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