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    Reading this post is likely a waste of your time

    Seriously. Its mostly just me trying to think something out. and if i'm going to write freaking war and peace(and this is at least as boring, but with less french), i might as well post it.

    I realized something today is i stumbled to my first class this morning. I was an hour late and concentrating only on the mumbled curses and complaints i recited to myself, half under my breath, half out loud crazy.

    My path accross the sunny 9 am parkinglot takes me right past the automotive section of the college. It came to me then that I was intensly jealous and bitter about the students i see running around in there.

    I like fixing and building things. I cant stand useless hoops. and between working on cars and writing labs about the spectra of a neon tube, well, what can i think?

    I don't know what to think. Everyone knows I like to fix and build things. So everyone said i should go into engineering. But I just cant seem to get the grades for it. counting highschool, this is my second attempt to get into that field in university. By the looks of things, it may not be my last. or maybe it will.

    I know why I do poorly at school. It's simple. I don't do the homework or studying.

    Why? because I'm lazy.

    Or maybe because I hate it.

    I always did well, very well in the courses I liked in highschool. I got As in electronics, Video Production and Drafting. I failed math 12. I also got As in english. But I think thats mostly because I like to write, and that endeared me to the teacher. Of course,w hen took university english, I bombed because you have to write about specific crappy subjects that are stupid and i hate them and anyways i didnt like english n university english eventough i thought id like be good but i wasnt.

    But isnt not doing what you dont really want to do the very definition of laziness? I can't be bothered to say.

    So tomorrow, i get to write a chemistry makeup test that i have not even begun to study for.

    If I pass, I will pass the chemistry. If I fail, I will fail chemistry.

    But the whole reason I'm taking this course is so that I can get into engineering. Which will simply be more of the same-- four years of courses I hate, to get a job that everyone tells me ill love. What's more, unless I get a 90% in this course, I won't qualify for engineering anyways.

    The only thing I know for sure is that I won't make it throught 4 years of courses I hate. apparently, i can barly make it through 5 months of such.

    Sometimes I think that I love to write.

    Most of the time, I think its just that I like pushing the keys.

    I think I'm going to get into my car and drive until it gets so late that ill have no chance of making the test. then ill call in sick for my shift. my friday will be a complete waste, not to mentyion my chem course.

    or maybe ill go to bed, cram some major formulas and make 50% on the test (and likely not much better on the course.) Not that it matters, because anything less than 90 defeats the whole point.

    So school sucks.

    Work sucks.

    I suck.

    Come to think of it, if i could at least find a program ful of courses I wanted to take, Id at least have 33%.

    so what'll it be? programming? machinist?



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    Went to college straight out of HS..

    screwed around for three years....

    got my **** cleaned up and worked hard the last two years. (yes, spent 5 years in undergrad... my sister, on the other hand, smarter than a room full of einsteins, finished in 3 1/2 years)

    Managed to graduate with a 3.02 gpa and working in a field TOTALLY unrelated to my major. (major:government, job: programming)

    Observation: Most, if not all, of the people that I saw who REALLY enjoyed college or really put their 100% into getting the most out of it were folks who didn't come straight to college but worked for a few years or are FINALLY coming to college after taking years off for kids, whatever.

    My point: Some people are not ready for college when they're at the "traditional" college age. I wasn't and sometimes wish I started college when I was 22 or so. Maybe you might want to take a break. Spend a year or three doing what you love (working on cars, etc.) THEN go back to college with a new perspective and a better idea of what you want and how to get to that.
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    Unless there is a pressing need, I agree with taking a year or two off to get a better perspective on things.

    Get some real-life experience. Hate your job? Change to a different field- as different as possible. (I know- easier said than done in this economy!) Think about doing a couple part-time jobs instead, or even just one part-time job and take your time to DO stuff- travel, work with people who need friends, etc.

    Thinking about engineering? Join the local Engineer's group. Most will let you at least attend some functions without paying full dues. Get a job as a temp in an engineering firm.

    OR- work your tail off and save some money up. Live at home, work a couple jobs, save like crazy, and buy yourself a little flexibility. Money in the bank lets you be more in control of what you do. You can travel a summer, go away to school, get a reliable car, or just live more comfortably if you have some bucks saved up.

    When you go back to college, you'll usually be more prepared, more focused, and more sure of what you want out of life for doing this.

    But, you DO still sound like you could use some more qualified help to me!
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Originally posted by thorin
    [...] so what'll it be? programming? machinist?


    Maybe you should consider dropping college and go to trade school to be a mechanic. Contrary to popular belief, college isn't for everyone (even intelligent people). Mechanics also have the advantage of leaving work at work. I'll bet very few mechanics (other than those that double as tow truck operators) ever get calls at 2 am from the garage that somebody's engine crashed.
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    It took me 6 years to finally get my degree, not because I lacked the intelligence, I just kept switching my major around much to the horror of my parents.. I kept deciding I liked some other field of study better.. In the end, I ended up with the one I started with.. (and fortunately for me by then, they got a few new professors in the department that I really liked, so I was much more interested in what they had to say)..

    Like myself, many of my college friends switched majors (it's pretty common) and a few even left school. I am happy to say 11 years down the road all are happy with the way their lives turned out..
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    Be an electrician, well, work for a manufacturer, good pay and minimal school is required. I went for several different subjects and never stayed very long.
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    update. i took the test,. prolly got 30 percent on it.

    Incidentally, I have taken a break from school . i graduated HS in 98, took 2 terms of university(screwing them both out and being kicked out of the university), and only started taking courses again this january.

    so yeah. but as for everything else, i just don't know.

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