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    For all those of us who would rather do other things...rather than anticipating the 1.4 update.

    Feel free to bring your Khaaaaaansssss, troll spray, pancakes and bunnies.

    Most importantly...stop anticipating and join up in the fight against the establishment!!!

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    I tried one of these a while ago but all it did was get me an infraction before it got closed but good luck
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    For **** sakes!!! 1.4 was supposed to lower my cholesterol!!! RAMSYYYYY!!!
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    An infraction? Is that like a demerit or something? Where is P|C detention located?
    "...human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!"

  5.    #5 reason for an infraction on this one...just havin good cleeeeeeeen fun
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    do NOT sink this thread by sayiing bad things about the mods pleeeeeze
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    Honestly... im bored as hell at work right now. Im looking forward to some plants my buddy picked up today. 2 more hours
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    okay Panama Red
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    I'm a newby to the board, so I really can't say anything bad at this point.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind it if they banned some of the posters in the Anticipation thread or the Roll call thread, but oh well.
    "...human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! MASS HYSTERIA!"

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    Off Topic, hint, hint. Off Topic Forum.
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    oh come on ryley wheres your of adventure
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    it's not closed
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    Good it shouldnt have been it didnt break any rules
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    there ya go ryley
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    I was overruled!
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    they deleted that post?

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    ...and for once I was playing along and being fun. Ha more of that you whippersnappers!
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    ryley got smacked with a fish
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    me dost think the mods be playing with us
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