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    Found some info on what GT has been up to since the Soundsgood player.
    PDAbuzz has info too.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Their site has finally changed.
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    sigh. it would have made me very happy if they would have updated the soundsgood software a bit. ah well. its pretty darn good as it is.

    I have a webcomic. You should read it, or I may do something rash. <b><a href=>Drive-by Loitering</a></b> is updated every monday, wednesday and friday.

    <!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks."><img src= ><!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks.">
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    Yeah, I would have liked some updates too. I can't remember the few things I had come up with in the past year and an half or so. So they must not have been major. Perhaps we'll get lucky though and something will come out of some developer with a vested interest in their soundsgood.
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    Support for WMA or MP3Pro would have been nice. Any developers up to the challenge? Has Good ever published the internals to make this possible?

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