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    Ok, so some may know already about the tragic death of the Orca Trainer in Sea World yesterday.

    Since I live in Orlando, the breaking news came out quick with several eyewitness interviews shortly after 12:30ish pm. Witnesses stated on the news and on the Orlando Sentinel that the trainer was dragged into the pool, violently shaken and killed. Somewhere around 5:30 PM the Sheriffs office and SeaWorld conducted a press conference saying that the trainer fell into the water and was then dragged under by the killer whale and accidently drowned. This whale has been known to have killed 3 people in the past and was used mainly as a "stud" and was generally not used for shows. Workers were not supposed to be in the pool with this whale.

    We knew the story from witnesses at 1pm, yet the Orange County Sheriffs office and Sea World tried to tell a different story. I'm sure there is more video, but this was shot just seconds before the attack.

    I'm willing to bet there is more to this. Regardless RIP Dawn Brancheau

    Maybe a cover up because she wasn't supposed to be in the pool? Or maybe so Peta will stay away? Not sure....

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    Sea World trainer killed: Killer whale at SeaWorld Orlando pulled trainer by ponytail; rescuers delayed by aggressive orca -
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    After reading the Yahoo article yesterday, it was quite fishy (pun intended) when I read the USA Today article this morning. They made it sound like she slip and fell and then drowned.

    Funny how the whale was connected in 3 other deaths. They dont call them killer whales for nothing! I remember watching National Geographic as a child and seeing them play with seals (their food) by flipping them in the air.
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    Thats whats weird, I worked with the Government for many years and usually you would just get a no comment. At the press conference, both the Sheriffs Office and Sea World were adamant that it was just an accident and she just "fell in". This after several eyewitnesses contradicted that story hours before. Now the're saying she was pulled in by her ponytail. The witnesses say she was actually in the pool.. Strange.
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    Here's another one in case you all haven't seen it.
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    i never understand how witnesses are so sure of themselves and what they think they saw, even though they are generally considered the most unreliable source for investigations. honestly if i was there i probably wouldn't be able to say for sure how it went

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