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    Very well done. My complements.
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    Way to man-up!
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    I guess I was lucky to miss the big controversy! This must be a testament to by ability to "screen out noise/BS". Not that I've ever noticed "BS" in your posts. From my vantage point, my recollection of your posts was that they were generally useful and provided value or insight into problems. I'm sorry to hear that you had some stresses that disrupted the normal balance of things. I'm really impressed with your ability to see through those problems and remain objective! I'm proud we have people like you in our community.
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    Thanks mate, we're all good.

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    No one is perfect dude, especially on an anonymous Internet forum. You have already dealt with this sufficiently elsewhere.

    Props never the less.
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    I can't think of a place where you offended me, but I would like to add my appreciation of your apology. You have shown that real men can admit their mistakes and choose to change their behavior. I, too, am sorry you have stuff going badly in the "real" world and wish you the best. Please don't be a stranger around here, k?
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    the people who should be apologizing arent going to but its nice to see someone owning up to anything wrong theyve done so huzzah
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    +1 very good good of you Powerbyte.
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    Unneeded as your heart was in the right place but very well done. Thanks for all you do as well as all the regulars on this forum.
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    you the man,that was very get the fonzarellie 2 thumbs up.
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    we all family here...much love homie. apology accepted
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    i hate you robert! **** mouth! all that **** comin' outta your mouth! lmfao hey.. someone had to do it.. there was just too much lovey dovey hot dude sweat flowing in this thread.. hahaha! never diss the internals crew! they gets gangsta! as you now know lmao.. lesson learned suckaz!
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    Everyone makes mistakes, it takes a lot of courage to step out from behind the mask of the internet.

    Kudos to you. It has been started her before, but to reiterate:

    We are all a family on P|C, we live, we love, we fight, we forgive.

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    WOW, I have never seen someone apologize like that for who knows how many people to see. That really takes some, much respect to you. That stuff did get a little out of hand this morning and for that I want to apologize to you. I know you didn't mean any harm when you made your post and I didn't mean any harm in mine.
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    One thing I don't understand....why isn't there maple syrup on the pancake on the rabbit's head?
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    kool with me I make mistakes too.
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    wow great job man, this must be the first time that i had seen that someone had realized they made a mistake,swallowed it up,and was a man to apologies about their actions. even though you did not hurt me directly, i accept your apology...great job and manly thing to do
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    You know my standpoint from the other thread, but it takes a really classy person to stand up, admit when they are wrong, and apologize to those he has offended.

    This was a first-class post...and it's good to know that everything has been straightened out.
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    Tiger Woods should hire you to help him come clean in a more believable way... that is my goofy way of saying "well done"
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    Don't know what I missed, but +1 for manning up.
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