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    First congrats.

    I have pushed hard, accurate and fast at everything I have done. I have ALWASY tried to understand what management expected not only of me but made known to management what I expect of them. If you can do this you will be able to answer your questions. I know that if one works WAY beyond their level that they could run into a problem.
    1) they will most often have a great review and obtain raises.
    2) they may not get a promotion to gain even higher pay than they get now. Management may see it as that person being of to much value to move up since that person is saving money on manpower. OR they might move up.

    If one maintains the current level and excels in that job scope there are a few things that most often do happen.
    1) That person gets great reviews and obtains raises
    2) management may try to add an addition to the job scope from time to time knowing that that person should excel at that too. But if management is smart they will not over scope that job allowing one to be promoted down the road.

    You should do if not one of the following but both for the best answers.

    1) Look for others that have excelled in their job and compare, to figure out how in touch management is with the employees and what you need to do to reach or obtain the level you want.
    2)Talk to your boss and show that you are interested in what the company expects from you, not so much on the details of your job but what you should be doing to advance. (ONLY do this when there is free time) It is best if you can to do this away from the work setting. The result is two fold. You will know what it takes and management now KNOWS that you want to advance.

    In the my past, the people I have promoted were more than not the ones that talked to me and kept me aware that they wanted to advance. But did not bug me. The ones that were quiet and did there job well would seem that they are content.

    Remember always look straight in the eyes, smile, listen twice as much as you talk and do not be a pest to management but make sure you stay on the radar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draven76 View Post
    I'm glad to see such a positive topic, because with that wording I was expecting a topic about being layed off

    Haha, in any case, Congratulations! I also just was promoted with a raise a few months ago, and faced the same question

    The way I see it, there are two conditions:

    Case 1:
    I was doing extra and working above my job function prior to the raise.
    Because of my hard work, I received a promotion.
    Now, I need to continue working hard, and even above my new level.
    Doing so will subsequently prepare me for my next promotion (or at least my next positive review)

    Case 2:
    I was doing what was perceived as extra work, but in reality was just excelling within my current job function.
    Recognizing my hard work, I was given an opportunity to try working at the next level.
    Now, I need to continue working hard and at a level perceived as "extra".
    Doing so will allow me to meet expectations and ensure I still have a job.

    So yeah, I'm still working hard (between checking PreCentral, of course).
    Lol, thanks Draven, i appreciate your input...
    ... and Finally Pre's also.
    Thanks guys.
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