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    Speaking of the truth, the administration opposed lifting the ban but it was a compromise as part of passing the CCARDA. Regarding Palin's daughter I can only say, so what? Don't even care enough to research that one. She won't be a major player in 2012... and shouldn't be.
    But the dems controlled all three houses. Or did you forget that argument?

    Personally, I believe it was a "bone" to shut down us gun nuts. What better way to kill an argument? Wrap it in another bill so the other people on the left don't complain too much....

    Bush did nothing but let the gun bans expire... if obama does nothing else on this issue, he would have done more than bush. lol

    No matter the argument, the fact is you can't say Obama did not sign... and I'd bet if we pull up pictures, he was smiling.
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    If you look at some of the arguments above you can see how people still do not argue facts.

    Obama lifted a cc ban.....that does notmean he will not try to take our guns. If i say I will never have sex again... it can only be proven once i am dead

    So arguing that Palin's kid was on GOV healthcare does not have anything to do with them getting it passed though.

    This reminds me of a friend and a discussion we had. I pointed out how she came out about 9/11. He rebutaled with "she's a fat D*K*".

    Basically people no longer argue with facts or even use common sense. Most people take a side and stick to it. Another great example is religion. As far as I know GOD can be proven to exist.... yet so many people want me to believe....
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