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    saying i will kill you. my pre is your iphones end and it will give you salvation.
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    but wait before i kill you i have to reboot my pre then in 10 minutes i will be......
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    ready to make your iphone as sluggish as my pre.
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    Without warning, a Delorean appeared from the sky, and Doctor Emmet Brown jumped out and Exclaimed "GREAT SCOTT!!" We have to get you to the year 2055. There is revolt over the still unreleased 1.4 update, and ONLY YOU CAN HELP....
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    Well DR Emmet Brown i would love to help just let me fast write an Instant Message on Yahoo......darn it Yahoo isnt working........
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    cant log in to my messenger app on the pre it seems to be cursed. what to do???? oh i could call for support to help us if just my phone app wouldnt take 10 minutes to open up. maybe i should try and write an email oh never mind it will take forever too.
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    I guess i just should carry my Pre around as death weight, what do you think DOC? Any ideas?
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    yall are freaking wierd
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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    yall are freaking wierd
    please dont interrupt our pre story here it a tale about palm pre. please my friend just enjoy it lol
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    Just then #3 of the C40's got the 1.4 update and it made a sound like a Hemi with a blower. The C40 took off from the creature saying that is my dad (Pre) you are calling weird and hit HATCHETTJACK in the nose as a self sacrifice.
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    HATCHETTJACK Then turned to for information on how to solve his broken nose problem, to which he was told.......
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    to shove cotton balls up his nose. No sooner had he done this when a GIANT MAN EATING RABBIT busted in his house for a snack....
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    and he settled for a carrot
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    And caused HACKETTJACK to run out of the house with the monster in close prosuit to the Gentleman with the Pre fighting the 10 tentacle INK monster that still has 8 more Sprint 4g C40's and with all this it came as no surprise......
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    and then a giant weasle devoured the android mascot...
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    Which made the Google execs angry so....
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    they assembled the voltron robot to...
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    make full compliance with the Pre's google voice & dial apps which made..
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