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    Now that everybody uses google for email, contacts, calendar, maps, searches and many things that your daily life depends on, it seems like Google wants to close their doors little by little to all third party applications that are not on the Android phones. Google seriously?? Is that how you want to make people buy Android phones? Forget it! I once thought that eventually if Palm doesn't do well I might consider an Android phone, but by locking API's you are just me off.
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    What APIs do they lock down?
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    They are blocking gdial's app from using google API's. Since this has cause soo many problems we have lost the app. The developer worked extremely hard to make the app work but has thrown in the towel today cause of this. Hopefully google will wise up & make it available. Gdial was one of my favs & there are lots of upset peeps because of googles decisions.
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    Well there was never an API for Google Voice to begin with so how could they possibly be blocking it?

    The developer is ****ed because the hacks that where being used to access the raw info are no longer technically possible with the Pre while it's possible with Android it's also possible with iPhone OS. It's a API limitation with WebOS. Did google make the changes to just screw over WebOS? I doubt it - it's just Google doing what they do best and making use of new tech which sadly for Pre users Palm as decided to neglect. gDialPro's developer countered this by off loading all the work from the Pre and placing it on a remote server. Now for whatever reason and I am willing to bet scaling issues, the developer as decided to throw in the towel.

    As far as his complaints about the lack of an API which would give him direct access to the GV access numbers - You do need to realize that there is probably a substantial cost to Google to run Google Voice. They have to pay for all these numbers, they have to pay connection fees etc etc. At this point when they have limited amounts of access numbers (the number the app dials out) it makes sense to place some sort of restriction on it. Google Voice is still pretty new, in beta, and invite only. I imagine the lack of an API also has something to do with them just not being ready to do so. I use the Android app and I can tell you that it is updated fairly often - typically with no noticeable difference to the end user - which tells me something is going on behind the curtain.
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    One of the reasons there is no API could stem from the fact, that google voice is actually not a google app, but an aquired one (they aquired the company that made google voice, don't remember the name).

    I would be surprised if there won't be an official API some day, but as long as there is no API, every change breaks compatibility, of course.

    I doubt google intenionally breaks anything. They have no specified interface, so there is nothing to break, really.

    Of course it would be nice, to have official support for third parties, but google never said there would be any.
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    ^^^That sounds about right. GV was Grand Central not that long ago. They are still making changes as they Google it. Google voice is still invite only, which while not beta status exactly, greatly restricts users numbers while they tweak. By not having an offical API at this time they are free to make changes as they wish without the need to worry about API who-ha.
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    Remember that Google's mantra is "Don't be evil"
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    "Everyone has a bit of evil. It's just that some bits are bigger than others."--Octarine Prince 3:16
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    OMG the Jehovah's Witnesses found me! I knew they knew I was home even though I didn't answer the door.
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    yep, you can develop much quicker if you don't have to maintain API compatibility.
    I am pretty sure that they will release an API as soon as the internal structure is stable enough to warrant maintaining it.

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