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    Hello All
    I've some problem with Microsoft Scandisk & Defragmenter in Windows98 (bundle with Win98 System Tools), these utility is not work in my computer and my CPU become hang when I start Scandisk or Defragmenter for my harddisk. But, When I scandisk or defragment my Floppy disk, the problem not appear and my CPU is work well, What is the problem?

    I've ever delete .chk, .hlp, .txt, .gid, .cnt files, because I want more free disk space, now my harddisk freespace is only 57 MB, is this cause the problem?

    Spesification of my PC:
    Processor Intel Pentium-S 120 Mhz
    Memory 16 MB
    Harddisk 405 MB
    Operating System Windows 98 SE (4.10.2222 A)
    CD ROM Acer 2X
    Microsoft office 97

    Yes I know, thats the old specs, but I need the PC only for Word, Excel and open the .html (for offline browsing) and make some pics with Paint (look my Avatar).
    I hope somebody can help me, thanks...
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    I've only had consistent success running the aformentioned programs from safe-mode.
    I've decided to become enigmatic.

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