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    What do you think of this commercial, being broadcast during the 2010 Winter Olympics?
    I love it, it show's that not all kids are overweight, (which is true) and that one is proud being Mom.
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    A comment from (YouTube user) Humanatek said -
    "This commercial totally MISSED THE MARK. We were in a living room with friends in California and no less than 8 of us NOTICED THE WHITENESS OF THIS COMMERCIAL!! REALLY SAD OF U ASK US!! 8 PEOPLE NOTICED! Here's a line for you: "P&G Proud Sponsors of WHITE MOMS Across America!" Joke, P&G ought to know better particularly in 2010! I'm sure our group was not the only group that noticed the lack of multiculturalism. BIG MISTAKE!"
    Link: Link Here..
    What do you think?
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    I think they watched a different video. Either that or they need to get a life. I counted many non-whites in that.
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