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    Quote Originally Posted by mjkjr View Post
    Did I read deeper into that post than it was intended?

    nope.. not at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Can't say I have ever noticed a smog issue here, but then I'm from an oil boom town. The overcast winter days do get a bit tiresome at times.

    Misery indeed....but it's that comforting, wrap you like a blanket kind of misery, that some how just feels good. Kind of like a Leonard Cohen poem.
    Well no offense intended, and I still have lots of reasons to come there
    So what quelled all the griping abt 1.4? I can't get it to run on my Pre yet
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    Pumpa Loves Depeche Mode, How about Erasure?
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    If we anticipate something for our Pre's, is that considered Precipitation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisack23 View Post
    If we anticipate something for our Pres, is that considered Precipitation?
    ROTFLMAO! Thanks.
    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

    Be nice until it's time to not be nice.--Dalton, "Roadhouse"
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    IF we get upset and post something does that mean we are PREticipating in the discussion?
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    Nice to hear road work done and I like the picture. Heading out that way in a couple of weeks.
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