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    I know there are some good stories out there of people accidentally leaving home or work or wherever without their Pres.
    What hurdles did you have to jump?
    What jungles did you have to slice your way through?
    What mountains did you have to climb?
    What was the speed limit on the road you were on when you realized you forgot your Pre and what Trapster inducing panic did you go through to get it back?
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    You really need to get a life DBD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    You really need to get a life DBD.
    Lol, yep. Bored at the job today.
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    I guess this was a dumb idea for a thread. You guys don't have to reply to this one.
    I ... i .. i understand.
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    Actually, the thought of forgetting my phone is such a scary thought... I don't like to even think about it!
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    I am very careful to check my pockets several times to ensure I have my phone anytime I leave anyplace.

    Hell, I don't even go to the restrom at work without popping my phone in my pocket. ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael View Post
    Actually, the thought of forgetting my phone is such a scary thought... I don't like to even think about it!
    Cosign times ten.

    The only other time I had a great phone, was about nine years ago, and it was stolen within a month by some yahoos at a job site. It was insured, though. Funny thing is, I normally don't bother with insurance, and just am very careful. But that time, I did it no questions asked. Hmmm.
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    It happened to me yesterday i left forgot my phone @ work.....the feeling of not having the phone was horrible.....half way to home i had to turn back to get my precious.
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    Thanx for the replies, guys.
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    Ive never left my pre behind (thank god) but when I used to have a voyager (super ****ty phone) I lost it while i was on a hike. It was buried in snow on top of a frozen river. I was on a night hike and when I realized I didnt have my phone I had to wait until the next day to go get it. I had to backtrack for about an hour until I found it. Fun times tho

    You feel super naked when you have to go an extended amount of time without your phone. Its funny how reliant we have become on some of our technology
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    I have a TS in my car mounted right next to my steering wheel, so when I get in, the first thing I always do is turn on the internet music, so if by chance I walk out the door without my Pre, I then quickly notice that I have forgotten it.

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