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    The love of my life bought me a Nook for V-Day. I have to say between that and pReader I'm a very happy woman

    Anyone else here use a Nook?

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    dont have one yet but am SERIOUSLY considering a Kindle.

    a lot of the features that are pushed on the Nook over the Kindle seem to be a bit inflated for marketing purposes.
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    Yeah, my wife and I got a Nook. Pretty happy with it so far. There are known issues with it crashing sometimes, but not so often it's unusable. I do like the customization, but since my wife also uses it, I'm not rooting it or hacking it (at least at the moment.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by thekarens View Post
    The love of my life bought me a Nook for V-Day. I have to say between that and pReader I'm a very happy woman

    Anyone else here use a Nook?

    Have considered one. Please share your thoughts. Been looking at the Sony touch reader and the Kindle too. Can't decide.
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    We did a lot of research on the limited options available. Right away we decided against the Sony (due to cost for the one I would have wanted) and it was between the Nook and Kindle.

    In the end I picked the Nook due to my vast purchases from and I was hoping they would sync over the air, but not so. Still it's not a big deal to move them over. Hook up the Nook and drag and drop.

    The other nice thing is Adobe Digital Editions recognizes the nook so if you have library books or other books on this program you can hook up the Nook and drag and drop.

    If you've bought books from Kobo (like I have) you can also open them in Adobe and drop them in.

    I think the deciding factor for me was the fact that the Nook uses Android and I personally think it gives the reader a lot of future potential.
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    has the speed improved any? specifically page turning.
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    Mine came with the latest software update, so I can't compare it with the previous version, but for me it's fastest if you use the swipe gesture to turn the page. That way it's very fast. If you just use the push button method I hit the button when I'm about 3 or 4 words from the end of the sentence and it's perfect (for me).

    All our B&N stores have at least one demo instock so you can go try it out there to see if it meets your needs.

    I think I would have been perfectly happy with the Kindle, but I'm happier with the Nook.

    One thing I personally would like to see on future e-readers is a front light that can be turned on and off. I read in bed a lot and leaving the lamp on isn't a lot. I recently ordered a "Kandle" book light that is supposed to be specifically for e-readers.

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