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    Originally posted by PDAENVY
    [FONT=arial]God is dead - Nietzche
    I prefer:

    If there were gods, how could I bear to not be a god? Therefore, there are no gods!-the big N, quotes from the big Z
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    Originally posted by RadarGreg
    I certainly hope you get your avatar working again soon.
    hey, it's working! okay, it wasn't the day this started. I'll shut up now.

    It is always cool to see the mods you've done on it to reflect the particular holiday or event.

    I half expected to see the skull as a soccer ball (football to the rest of the planet) to commemorate the World Cup.
    I don't pay much attention to sports; I didn't even know it was time for that.
    I wanted to do a golf ball for the US Open but missed it. among others. Currently biding my time until a certain big-deal American holiday ... if I can only come up with something interesting ...

    If you liked the movie, "Run, Lola, Run", then you have to get the soundtrack.
    yes, on both. I wanted to borrow the soundtrack from the library but they don't carry it.
    I've made a note of the link and will check it out when I'm home.
    The light at the end of your tunnel has been disconnected due to non-payment. Please remit funds immediately for restoration of hope.
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