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Just curious if anyone might be able to point me to the right resource. I've been dabbling in genealogy, and recently 'discovered' a cousin who had a short career in the major leagues. His name was Whitey Wilshere, and he pitched for the Philidelphia A's from 1934 thru 1936.

This was during baseball's golden age, and the A's frequently played the Yankees... like upwards of 25 times a year. So it's a good possibility that cousin Whitey actually faced the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Here's the question. Does anyone know of a website that would get down to the level of granularity where, by game and inning, I could see which pitcher faced which batter? I know the Babe struck out a ton, but I'd still like to know for a fact that Whitey shut him out in person, and in which games and innings.