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...you get a mild buzz afterwards from being slightly oxygen deprived...
Speaking of a buzz, you should avoid alcohol following blood donation or you will get a big buzz! Some of my classmates in medical school (the ones who I am sure will be impaired physicians some day, if they already are not) would go and donate simply because they could get drunk on fewer beers. I had another classmate who got completely wasted after just two beers following donating. He didn't realize he wasn't supposed to drink afterwards. This guy could normally put a lot more away and used to brag about this ability (something I could never understand ).

Another fact about donating: Donating one unit results in the expenditure of 600 calories! (Of course, you make up a lot of it with the cookies afterwards!)

For all of you donors out there, a recent research article into why people donated for the first time showed that the number one reason was that a friend or family member asked them to donate! (interestingly enough physicians or recruiters asking tended to turn people off) Try becoming a blood donor recruiter. The next time you go to donate, find a friend who isn't a donor and ask if they would like to come along and donate as well!